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20 Photos Of World Leaders Before They Came To Power

The pictures we are about to show you depict famous people you should know well but are accustomed to associating with situations and an appearance that make them look different.  Here are the leaders…

A Violent Storm Opened The Ground Revealing To A Farmer A Village Dating Back To 5000 Years Ago

A native farmer from Scotland found himself in the right place at the right time! It was the year 1850 and after a violent storm that struck the Orkney Islands, the man found the constructions of a…

19 Curious Historical Photos That Let You Look Back At The Past

Are you passionate about history and never get tired of learning as much as you can? If that is true, then this article was created for you! Here are some historical photos that tell us about historical events…

When Iranian Women Were Free -- Here Are 16 Images Showing An Unknown And Forgotten Past

If you associate the words "women" and "Iran" in your mind probably you immediately see the images of figures with indistinct forms, with large shapeless clothes, and hair hidden under a scarf. Until…

These Rare Photos Taken On September 11 Will Make You Relive Those Moments From A Different Point Of View

The writer David Friend has collected in a book some photos taken on that tragic day September 11, which we all have well-stamped in our minds. His photographs mostly depict the moments immediately after…

21 Photographs That Reveal Some Historical Details That You Did Not Know About

Have you ever had the pleasure of browsing through an old photo album? It feels very much like time travel, and through the images, it is possible to relive moments that have long since passed. We hope…

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