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With An Innovative Implant, This Baby Girl Can Finally Hear Her Mother!

This little baby girl has recently received a cochlear implant that will allow her to hear for the first time ever, after one year of birth. At the start of the video, we learn from the mother that the…

One Of The Best Birthday Presents A Mother Could Ever Receive!

It's Mom's birthday and she will certainly receive many gifts, but not the one that she desires the most! In fact, her son, who is far away from her pursuing his military career cannot be present for…

A Normal Day Full Of Wonderful "Mommy Magic"!

To her husband's question, "How was your day?" She responds by listing the many activities that she and their two children had been engaged in during the day, always running from one place to another. …

Classical Music Lovers Are Evergreen Just Like Classical Music!

Dorothy Landry was a hundred and one years old when she heard for the first time Ryan Wang playing the piano and was so impressed by this little prodigy's music and talent that she began to follow his…

A Doctor, A Young Cancer Patient, And A Ukulele ...

There is a therapy that must never be missing from those traditionally implemented for cancer care  --- a smile! Happiness strengthens the immune system, it does not do miracles, but it certainly gives…

Kent Meets His Baby Brother Noah For The First Time!

The arrival of a sibling is a very powerful news for the first-born, who probably does not fully understand what has happened but who in any case suffers from the general stress and agitation in the…

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