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A Double Surprise For An Unsuspecting Aunt!

In life when you have a sister with whom to share the happy news of a pregnancy, it is always an added value at a moment that is already a happy one. However, when the future aunt is particularly emotional,…

A Final Salute To A Famous Singer/songwriter!

One of the most famous songs by Leonard Cohen, and certainly the one for which the most covers have been made, is "Hallelujah". Just think that the composer himself created about 80 versions of this song…

This Captain Pilot Gets Everyone's Attention!

It started with the usual announcement about flight conditions after taking off but ended up with a proposal that left its mark on the passengers!  A captain pilot for the Qantas airline flying to South…

Newlyweds Give A Touching First Dance!

A few months before their wedding, the groom-to-be was involved in a serious accident from which he barely recovered. Nevertheless, when it came time to celebrate the happy union in the company of their…

A Baby Can See Her Mother's Face For The First Time!

At only three months of age, this pretty little girl is wearing her first pair of glasses, which will allow her for the first time to clearly see and distinguish the faces of her mother and father. As…

A Grandfather Is Delighted To See His Grandson!

This grandfather lives in Germany and travels each year back to the United States to visit his daughter and grandson.  However, due to serious health problems, this grandfather has had to give up air…

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