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Are People Who Have Alzheimer's Aware Of This Fact?

This woman's father has Alzheimer's and for 16 months she has been taking care of him 24/7. She has joined an online support group and it was a member of this group who asked her to check to see if her…

See The Ultimate Tribute To A Professor! Absolutely Wonderful!

For those who love their work retirement is not good news, at least in the first few days. This is especially true for teachers who, despite the anger and fatigue they may feel every day, in the end,…

The Original "Pretty Woman" By Roy Orbison!

The success of a film is not only determined by choosing well-known actors! In fact, there is an infinity of other details that when combined together make a film a success. Among these, there is, of…

"Fans Of Love" Video Scores Not Only With Surprised Football Fans!

During the Pro Bowl competition, which took place in Orlando, Florida, the members of the Ad Council partnered with the National Football League to launch a message that was different than usual.  During…

What Does A 1000-member Rock Band Sound Like?! Check It Out!

Can you say how many components make up the largest band in the world? Go ahead and make a guess! Well, the answer is beyond all imagination! The largest band is called the "Rockin 1000" and it is composed…

See What Love And Determination Can Do ...

It is not true that the most appreciated gifts are material ones because we must not forget that a gesture can be worth a fortune and is able to replace any material object. In fact, the bride filmed…

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