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One Meeting --- And Two Lives Are Saved!

Life is capable of playing some unpleasant tricks, while at other times it gives unexpected gifts. Such is the case of Ember, a mother cat who lost all of her kittens due to a serious illness.  Her owners…

After Birth, A Baby Girl Clings To Her Mother's Face ... So Sweet!

This deeply touching moment also surprised the same midwives who helped the baby come into the world. The heartwarming video was shot at a hospital in Brazil. In this short video clip, we see a newborn…

He Puts "A Ring On It" At IKEA!

Two young lovers --- a young man and woman, browse in IKEA's maze-like aisles making small talk, putting things into their shopping cart, and then they head toward the checkout counters. This is where…

Equal Respect For All Workers

Despite the numerous battles that have been conducted over the decades, we cannot say that the barriers that divide people with disabilities have been totally eliminated. Moreover, we are not talking…

Advice To Parents About Appreciating Their Children!

True love is said to be discovered only when you see your child born. It is also said that the worst thing that can happen to a parent is to survive their children. Richard Pringle cannot deny any of…

For Rocky, The Orangutan, This Was No Monkeyshine!

A terrible fire disfigured Darci's face and part of her body. During a visit to a zoo park, she met an orangutang, named Rocky, who after having observed her carefully pointed insistently to the bandages…

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