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A Deaf Grandmother Teaches Deaf Grandbaby Sign Language!

The special relationship that grandparents are able to establish with their grandchildren is very deep and often goes beyond the dynamics of normal communication. With a hug, a smile or a glance, they…

Can This Guy Play The Piano Or What?! Listen UP! :)

The man you see in the video is called Brendan Kavanagh, but his friends and acquaintances call him Dr. K Boogie Woogie. The reason? You easily figure that out by watching - and especially listening -…
Exciting Music Piano

Righteous Brothers Moving Cover Of "Unchained Melody"

If we were to draw up a list of pop songs that have left a mark on the imagination of generations, "Unchained Melody" would surely be among the first positions. The "Unchained Melody" song lyrics were…

This Mama Panda Bear Unexpectedly Sets A World Record!

All the staff at the Atlanta zoo had goosebumps due to the intense anticipation! The sweet 15-year-old giant female panda bear named Lun Lun had finally arrived at the end of her pregnancy and to monitor…

Ingenious Dad Gives Paralyzed Son A Fantastic Experience!

What would a father not do to see his son laugh? For some children, it is more difficult to enjoy the little things in life, like a game of football with a neighbor, or going out for a stroll with…

JP Wallace's Moving Cover Of The Song "7 Years Old"...

At times it can be very difficult to find the right words to accurately express our mood or emotions. On these occasions, music can help us say what we want to convey.  That is exactly what JP Wallace,…

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