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For Rocky, The Orangutan, This Was No Monkeyshine!

A terrible fire disfigured Darci's face and part of her body. During a visit to a zoo park, she met an orangutang, named Rocky, who after having observed her carefully pointed insistently to the bandages…

The Fantastic Four ---Il Divo --- Sing "I Will Always Love You"

In the world of music, it often happens that a singer remains known for writing or singing one song in particular. This is what happened to the late great Whitney Houston, famous around the world for…

Speech Is Silver Until You Lose It....then It Is Gold!

More and more people in the world have to deal with Alzheimer's, a disease that completely transforms people. This disease eliminates the ability to relate to people, thereby causing alienation from everything…

Huge London Crowd At A Green Day Concert Sing "Bohemian Rhapsody"

We are not in the 1970s or 1980s when immense crowds gathered to listen to the music performed by their favorite bands and music artists. Actually, we are in the recent era during a concert of a modern…

The Hungarian Shadow Dance Group Puts On Another Fantastic Show!

Perhaps most of you probably feel much closer to music than to dancing. However, when a dance group knows which buttons to push to share their message with an audience, dance can also be very exciting.…

Why We Need Grandmothers! :)

One day, a four-year-old girl named Sandra decided to spend time with her grandmother who works in a flower shop. The two began to make small talk until at a certain point the conversation focused on…

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