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Here Is The Curious Oomba Loomba Method That Makes Babies Fall Asleep In An Instant!

There are parents who have tried everything to get their children to fall asleep! Walking back and forth, here and there all around their house, putting the child next to the washing machine in the centrifuge…

She Leaves Her Baby In The Car And Goes To The Bar With Her Friends --- And When She Returns She Sees That She Has Almost Caused A Tragedy

We are in the sunny parking lot of a Mexican shopping center and some passersby hear noises coming from a car. They approach and discover that on the back seat there is a very young baby girl who is crying…

14 Fun And Economical Ways To Entertain Your Child At Home

Children, you know, need to be entertained and stimulated, possibly in ways that are useful for their creativity. If you are also of this opinion and you want to discover some new ideas to propose to…

Some Children At School Have Poor Hygiene, So The Teachers Have Created A "special" Cabinet To Help Them

Being a teacher is an extremely rewarding job, but at the same time, it can also be very exhausting. After all, a teacher almost never takes care exclusively of just the children's education but ends…

Here Is Maria Montessori's Advice About How To Raise Independent And Happy Children

Often the way parents try to educate their children turns out to be particularly confusing because it oscillates between treating children as small adults and considering them as eternal babies, preventing…

12 Photos That Show That Children Are The Salvation Of Humanity

Nature wants children, but in general the young of all kinds of animals, to be raised and protected by adults, and to learn from them all that they will need in life. But Nature does not exclude the possibility…

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