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A Cool Way To Deal With Bothersome Telemarketing Calls!

How many telemarketing calls do you answer every day? If the answer is too many, here is a way to fix the problem --- that you certainly have never thought of!  Just pass the phone to your child, especially…

A Baby Is Triggered By A Certain Song In An Amusing Way!

Amaya's mother says her little baby daughter, Amaya always falls asleep easily and of course the car seat is one of her favorite sleeping places. Nevertheless, whenever Amaya hears a particular song,…

His Little Son Is One Of His Biggest Fans!

When dad is a popular singer, with music in his blood, the progeny cannot be very different from the parent. The proof we can see in this video, filmed by a fan of Luke Bryan, an American country singer,…

Newborn Identical Twin Sisters ... Discover Each Other!

Who knows what they are going to say ... Even if it is not guaranteed that they can communicate with sounds and gestures, but then again, maybe we are the ones who cannot understand them! These newborn…

Flamenco Dancing Transcends Age! Fantastic!

With proper shoes and a good amount of extroversion, even a two-year-old baby girl can put on a Flamenco show that commands respect! In fact, as we can see in the video, little Gigi feels confident and…

Premature Baby Gets An Emotional Welcome Home!

After being born premature (27 weeks and 5 days), this little baby had to stay in the hospital in neonatal intensive care for 12 weeks, but finally, the day arrived for him to go home and get to know…

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