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Granny Vs Toddler --- A Funny Multiple Task Challenge!

Tons of strange things can be found on the Internet but this is definitely one of the most peculiar!  A challenge, which at the end of the competition, we understand was never a real challenge?! In…

He Is Young And Smart And Wants To Save Lives!

Bishop Curry is a ten-year-old boy who, after school, first does his homework and then goes to the yard to ... experiment. The little inventor lives in Texas and enjoys doing anything that has to do…

A Nurse Gets A Thank You From Grateful Parents!

When he was born, Connor Topilko weighed less than 2 lb (900 gr). During the 27th week of pregnancy, his mom Sarah had developed a series of unexpected health issues that forced doctors to perform an…

One Young Mother's Terrifying Experience!

Being apprehensive or hyper protective parents is never a positive thing because you are likely to overwhelm your children with unnecessary anxiety. It must be admitted, however, that being responsible…

Lots Of New Devices For Young Children And Their Parents!

Once grandmothers managed to get by with a few things and still their children never lacked for anything! In those days, there was not a lot of advanced technology or modern conveniences, and parents…

Some Parents Are No Match For Their Newborn Babies!

One of the many needs of a newborn infant is to eat every three hours! Do you know what that means? It means goodbye to sleeping for eight consecutive hours, but actually, you can just say goodbye to…

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