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Is This Little Boy Too Cool ... To School? You Bet!

Children are unavoidably funny creatures, a bit because of their nature and often due to the situations they manage to get themselves into! This child completely surprised his parents when he started…

This Young Girl's Magic Tricks Leave Everyone Stunned!

Quite a few children have auditioned on the "Britain's Got Talent" TV show, and it is normal that the judges have always felt a particular affection for them, even when their performances did not go…

Born To Dance! This Little Baby Rocks!

The song being transmitted on the radio is one that you know too! It is "Uptown Funk" by Bruno Mars, a song that makes almost everybody want to get up and dance! Moreover, there is a particular part of…

A Two-year Expresses How She Feels About Her New Baby Sister!

When communicating to the firstborn that another child is coming, the reaction may not be the most enthusiastic and the question: "Are you happy" can receive a resounding "NO!" Desperation and real discomfort…

Standing Ovation For Four Young Russian Singers

Hallelujah is certainly one of the most interpreted songs in the world and usually, everyone competes singing the original English version. However, what we present today is sung by a quartet of young…

Two Toddlers Have Fun Getting Down! Watch This! :)

What would you do if every time you put on some music your two toddlers would start dancing around the room and having fun? Most likely you would not do anything other than put the music on repeat so…

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