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A Baby Girl Says It All With Her ... EYEBROWS! :)

It is simply amazing the amount of information that is learned for the first time during early childhood! For example, in the space of a few short years, a child discovers a large part of the world in…

Was This Your Reaction To Eating Ice Cream For The FIRST Time?!

How nice it would be if we could all remember the first time that we tasted ice cream . . . For this child, filmed as she was experiencing her very first taste of ice-cream, we bet that for her it will…

An Amazing Four-year-old Twin Sister And Brother Ice Skating Duo!

Dakota and Katarina Delcamp are twin siblings who continue to be a couple even as they train on the ice rink. These two ice skaters, despite having only reached the tender age of four, are already proving…

A Two-year-old Boy Rescues His Twin Brother!

More and more parents who work outside of the home have decided to install cameras in their house for the surveillance and security of their children and property. In this case, what happened to be captured…

See Why This Little Girl Still Believes In Santa Claus! :)

This 6-year-old girl no longer believed in Santa Claus, so her dad decided to figure out a way to bring back her faith in his existence. Consequently, this clever dad organized an elaborate plan using…

A Little Girl Strolls Through A Supermarket ...

Some children demonstrate from a young age that they have a strong personality. Then, if you add to this the fact that these children have not yet been conditioned by the social restrictions that adults…

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