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The Little Girl Is About To Fall ... But Her Dad Is Always There To Catch Her!

It is useless to deny it, no matter how much we argue or get angry with them, our dads will always be there for us --- and usually with perfect timing. The video that you will find below is a compilation…

Discover Baby Boxes --- The Safest Place For A Baby To Be!

When it comes to taking care of babies, there are different opinions, often due to the traditions of each country. Many would, for example, consider it to be child neglect to let a newborn baby sleep…

Jedi Is A Very Special Dog ... A Real Lifesaver!

Luke was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when he was only two years old. This disease requires a radical change in dietary and daily habits, and in the case of very young patients, the involvement of…

Just Like Two Peas In A Pod!

How many times has someone said to you: "You look just like your dad", or some other family member? Although perhaps you may not see it, such an obvious similarity can really exist. In fact, genetics…

After Birth, A Baby Girl Clings To Her Mother's Face ... So Sweet!

This deeply touching moment also surprised the same midwives who helped the baby come into the world. The heartwarming video was shot at a hospital in Brazil. In this short video clip, we see a newborn…

What Do You Get When You Mix The Past And The Present? NOW! :)

The presence of grandparents in a child's life is something special. They play a crucial role, as a guide, but at the same time as accomplices like a parent can never be! Grandparents are loving and…

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