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Why Do Children Behave So Badly With Their Own Mother?

How many times have parents' opinions in regards to their own child differed from those of teachers or relatives? "Your child is a real angel, he/she was very good and did not make any trouble at all".…

Going To Bed Late Can Stunt A Child's Growth Experts Warn ...

The daily struggle to get children to go to bed is something that every parent faces in his or her own way! There are those who have no problems sending their children to bed early and those who instead…

Photos That Will Live Online To Haunt These Folks Forever!

Before the arrival of social media, a child was free to cry, to pee on him or herself, to get in trouble and to throw tantrums in public without risking someone taking a picture and sending into the limbo…

How To Use Montessori Principles To Teach Children!

Until the early twentieth century (but in fact even afterward), children were not considered as being in need of particular attention and care, but rather as miniature adults. It was only thanks to the…

A Bus Driver Saves A Little Boy's Life

During a bus ride, a child sitting near the front of the bus starts coughing and putting his hands in his mouth. He was choking and suffocating because he had something caught in his throat! The woman…

Snow White Gets The Cold Shoulder!?

Meeting a Disney character in real life has an effect on any child. In fact, do you remember the 2-year-old boy on whom the girl who plays Snow White at Disney Park made such a big and positive impression?…

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