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Two Battered Twins Arrive At The Hospital And The Nurse Who Takes Care Of Them Both --- Adopts Them!

In the medical professions, those of the operative staff in the pediatric wards are perhaps the most delicate and sensitive. These nurses and doctors are constantly in contact with harsh realities, which…

If These Pictures Cannot Convince You That Every Child Should Have A Dog Then Nothing Will!

With a minimum of training, a dog and a child can become the strongest and most loving friends in the world.  The benefits that children derive from sharing part of their childhood with a dog are numerous.…

If Your Child Has These Five Behaviors --- He Or She Is Suffering From A Crisis Of Values!

Although there is a commitment on the part of parents to raise their children based on moral values, it may happen that the education of the child takes a completely unexpected direction. This is because…

Grandfather And Granddaughters Perform On The Street And It Is Not Surprising That Everyone Stopped To Look At Them!

The interaction between grandparents and grandchildren always has a particular tenderness, probably more than that which exists between parents and their children. What this grandfather does, accompanied…

A Mother Explains How Attaching A Note To A Baby Car Seat Can Save A Child's Life

Unlike other aspects of parenting, the safety of children in cars is not a matter of personal choice.  Each country has precise rules for the transport of minors in vehicles, but this does not mean that…

A Russian Tourist Gives Birth In The Waters Of The Red Sea And A Facebook User Captures The Moment!

Looking out from the balcony of a house and finding yourself witnessing the birth of a baby in the sea is not something that happens every day! As a matter of fact, the girl who happened to witness this…

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