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Although This Duo Lacks Sophistication They Win With Charm!

In this family, the artistic inspiration comes from someone you would never suspect! In fact, the members of this duo, composed of a keyboard player and singer are, in fact, a little toddler and his boxer…

A Heartwarming Story Of An Abandoned Baby Rescued In Time!

Raul Marin Ceja as he did every day, left his house to go to work, and crossed a bridge over a canal. Leaning over, he noticed some blankets that were wrapped as if there was something inside. Immediately…

Hey! Baseball Lovers Discover An Ingenious Way To Work Out!

When a child does not have any brothers or sisters to play with, the imagination of a child and the patience of a dog can be enough to create the right kind of fun. This little boy, in particular, really…

These Twins Have Two VERY Different Perspectives!

These two twin girls might certainly have shared nine months of gestation in their mother's womb, but from the moment they came out into the world, they began to show how different their personalities…

Watch This Protective Kitty Disobey Its Owners!

Never obstruct the protective instinct of a parent. . . or of an animal! How many times have we heard of animals that with the arrival of a new baby have virtually turned into a full-time babysitter?…

An Original And Unique DIY Mosaic Baby Room!

Organizing spaces that will be used to welcome a coming baby is perhaps one of the tasks that most enthuses parents.  In the case of this couple expecting twins, we must say that the result is truly…

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