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A Child Celebrates The End Of His Last Cycle Of Chemotherapy And His Joy Will Touch You In The Depths Of Your Heart

There are victories that deserve more than others to be celebrated. They are those in which you do not win a trophy or a medal, but something much more precious and indispensable: your life.  Anyone…

A Young Girl Is Being Bullied By Her Schoolmates And Her Best Friend Amazes Her With An Emotional Serenade

Moving to a new city is always difficult. We leave behind our old life of friendships, daily routines, and places dear to us. If possible, it can be even more complicated for a child! Being in a new school,…

A 22-week Premature Baby Is "refused" By 16 Hospitals ... After 5 Months They Will Understand That They All Made A Big Mistake

That moment in which we discover to be expecting a child is almost impossible not to find yourself immediately in "seventh heaven". However, discovering that something will almost certainly go wrong can…

A Mother Comes Home With A Newborn Baby Boy, But She Is Convinced That It Is Not Her Son And After Several Months, She Discovers The Truth!

Maternal instinct is an innate thing that only mothers have and they would be able to recognize their child among hundreds. Just like Mercy Casanalles, who is the protagonist together with her husband…

Taking Photos Of "Back To School" Day? Here Are The Risks Involved With Sharing Them On Social Networks!

The first day back at school is an important moment in the life of every child, especially because it is the beginning of a new and long phase in which there are so many hopes, dreams, and anxieties.…

7 Questions You Must Ask Your Children To Teach Them What To Do In Dangerous Situations

The prudence of parents is never too much when it comes to protecting their children, but it is also true that parents cannot always be present and alert. For this reason, it is important to teach…

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