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Video Architecture

Build Your Dream House In A Cave?! Why Not?

The stress of modern life makes everyone dream of the day when they can leave everything and return to a nearly primordial state of life, strengthening their lost ties with nature.  For Angelo Mastropetro this…

Accidents That Are Just Waiting To Happen! Ouch! :(

Finding a logical explanation for the dangerous situations and architectural "creations" that have been immortalized in these images will prove to be difficult, but to laugh spontaneously as you move…

A Small Cottage That Is Big In Comfort And Style!

At some point in our life, we have all wondered what would the house of our dreams look like? The society in which we live makes us believe that our needs are always increasing more and more, and often…

A Mountain Slope Becomes A House And A True Home!

Even if you love the city life you cannot deny that the call of nature at times is irresistible. Carving out some time to spend away from the relentless chaos of the metropolis, is critical to the health…

See How It's Built Step By Step -- A Neapolitan Pizza Oven!

The secrets to a great pizza are three: the ingredients, skill, and the oven. If one of these elements is not high quality, then you cannot expect a perfect result. Many consider the technique of cooking…

An Amazing Restaurant Inside Of A Sea Cave!

If we think of a romantic and relaxing atmosphere, probably a candlelit dinner by the sea is what comes to mind. However, if instead of just a beach, we are inside an ancient grotto (sea cave) that overlooks…

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