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Video Architecture

An Economical House That Can Be Built In A Few Hours? It Exists And Is Produced By An Italian Company

Nowadays, it has become increasingly difficult to buy a house. For many, the costs of new apartments are unaffordable and the possibilities of applying for a mortgage are increasingly limited; in short,…

11 Architectural Absurdities You Will Not Be Able To Explain

"Houston, we have a problem!" This is perhaps the phrase that summarizes the absurdity of certain architectural projects that do everything except have a use. Sure, some mistakes arise from post-renovation…

A Farmer Discovers An Underground Cave With Its Walls Covered With Seashell Mosaics Of Uncertain Origin

That there are many caves buried under tons of soil or sand should not and does not greatly surprise us! However, if we add to the fact that suddenly a mysterious cave is discovered that has its walls…

18 Crazy Design Mistakes That You Will Not Believe Really Exist!

Sometimes, during the construction of a building, private home or public office, the architect and the engineer at the head of the project may make some mistakes! However, in the cases, we are about to…

Houses Made With Plastic Bottles Offer A Solution That Is Economical, Anti-seismic, And Ecological

Recycling is a noble activity, but in many cases, it is hard to make it something that everyone does. This is because perhaps, fortunately, it is still a choice for us, but for many people, recycling…

It Looks Like An Old Wood Cabin But Inside It Is A Masterpiece Of Design

Swiss architects have a weakness for those projects that reserve surprises. They always exploit the beauty of natural landscapes, and they often create homes that seem simple but in reality conceal jewels…

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