It looks like an old wood cabin but inside it is a masterpiece of design -
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It looks like an old wood cabin but…
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It looks like an old wood cabin but inside it is a masterpiece of design

November 13, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Swiss architects have a weakness for those projects that reserve surprises.

They always exploit the beauty of natural landscapes, and they often create homes that seem simple but in reality conceal jewels of modern architecture and design.

This is certainly the case of this house located in the Canton of Ticino built by the Buchner Bründler Architects.

As a matter of fact, it looks like an old wood cabin but when you look inside, it reveals a completely unexpected appearance!

The house, which had been there for 200 years, was modernized by the Buchner Bründler Architect studio following a peculiar but minimalist line.

The exteriors were left untouched, while the inside was subjected to a massive intervention.


First, to give form and shape to the ambient spaces that naturally transmit tranquility, cement was used to create the internal structure.

The décor and furnishing were reduced to a minimum.

Smooth cement was also used to create the sinks, window sills, and bathtub.


And then when you step out of the house ...


You can immediately enjoy a wonderful naturalistic landscape!


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