Mother asks her mother-in-law to give…
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Mother asks her mother-in-law to give her her baby back to breastfeed him: the woman refuses and an argument breaks out

June 25, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

It is well known how much a relationship between daughter-in-law and mother-in-law can be a "troubled" one. In the best case, the two women manage to get along and love each other; on the other hand, unpleasant situations can arise, which can also lead to quarrels between a husband and wife. And this is what happened in the story that we want to tell you about here.

Talking about it on Reddit, was a new mother who, due to the bizarre behavior of her mother-in-law, not only argued with her, but also with her husband. The woman had asked her mother-in-law to give her the baby back so that she could breastfeed him, but the mother-in-law refused. Read on to find out what happened in detail:

via: Reddit

The subject of this story is a mother who, some time ago, had problems with her husband and mother-in-law. Born just a few weeks earlier, her baby needed to feed at set times and quite frequently throughout the day. This is a very normal thing for a newborn, but the mother-in-law upset this routine. How? Let's see it together:

The mother-in-law (along with her husband) were guests in the house of the two new parents (her son and her daughter-in-law). The mother-in-law, however, assumed a rather strange and "possessive" behavior towards her grandson. "One evening, all four of us were sitting in the living room," writes the author of the post. She continues: "When my baby, who was in his grandmother's arms, started crying, I asked her to give him to me so I could breastfeed him - but my mother-in-law refused . My husband immediately lashed out at me, telling me that I was asking for the baby back on purpose to stop his mother from cuddling the baby. "

At this point, the woman could not hold back her shock and, as she continued to cry, she again asked her mother-in-law to give her baby back. Refused again, the woman got angry and raised voice. Her husband told her to ask his mother kindly and in a normal tone of voice, otherwise his mother would definitely not give her her baby. This statement sent the mother into a rage - so much so that she demanded that her mother-in-law give the baby back and stop being a possessive weirdo. The result? The mother-in-law stormed off to her room, offended and resentful towards her daughter-in-law. The woman's husband scolded his wife again and then ran off to console his mother.

The young mother continued with her story: "Shortly after this, while I was breastfeeding my baby, my husband came into my room and yelled at me, telling me that I had behaved very badly towards his mother and had deliberately deprived her of holding the baby in her arms and to love him. I started screaming and crying and told him that if his family still wanted to stay in our house, I would pack my bags and go to at my parents' house. "

image: Wikimedia

This is a horrible story that has put this new mother in crisis and led her to ask for advice on Reddit. "Was I wrong not to ask my mother-in-law kindly for my baby, after she first refused to do so?" This is a question that Reddit users answered and all agreed the mother had acted well within her rights.

And what do you think of this story? Do you support the mother or the mother-in-law?


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