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"I lost a lot of weight before my sister's…
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"I lost a lot of weight before my sister's wedding and she got angry: I shouldn't have tried to look more beautiful than her"

June 23, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Marriage is certainly one of the most important events in a person's life, especially for women. If we think just about all the preparations behind the choice of the wedding dress, we get an idea of just how important this day is for everyone - especially the bride. All this also implies that, on the day, the bride would like to be the most beautiful woman in the room and to stand out from all the guests. This is perhaps a goal that can be unrealistic at times, especially if it means actually competing with someone else.

This is something that happened to the subject of this story. This young woman was accused of deliberately losing weight and getting thinner than her sister, so that she could overshadow the bride on her wedding day. But let's see what she said on Reddit and how things evolved:

via: Reddit

"My sister is 26 years old and I am 28," the author of the post writes. She continued: "I have always been quite plump, but lately I have lost a lot of weight. I live far away from my family and none of them had seen my physical change". This was a very healthy and personal transformation that her family members were unaware of. But when they saw their thin daughter and realized that she had transformed herself by losing weight, something unexpected happened.

"When my sister decided to get married, I thought about going home two weeks before the event to spend some time with my family. I hadn't seen them for a long time and I wanted to be useful in helping to organize the wedding," writes the young woman. "But as soon as my sister saw me, she flew into a rage and was furious with me."

Apparently, while the young woman was losing weight, her sister had gained a bit and this was a shock for the bride-to-be. Since the subject of this story had always been the fatter sister, her family members were suspicious that she had only lost the weight for the wedding event in an attempt to upstage her sister. The future bride accused her sister of intentionally losing weight so that she would look more beautiful than she would on her wedding day, just to humiliate her. But this was a motivation that the woman had not thought about at all. So it was too bad then, that even her parents were angry with her and accused her of having acted badly towards her sister.

Not convinced she was in the wrong, the 28-year-old told her story on Reddit and asked for advice. Most users found her actions and willingness to lose weight to be perfectly normal, stating that she hadn't hurt anyone and that her sister was being unreasonable.

What do you think: do you agree with the subject of this story or with her sister?

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