Gay couple adopts a child: when they "introduce" him to the family, the grandmother bursts into tears of joy -
Gay couple adopts a child: when they…
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Gay couple adopts a child: when they "introduce" him to the family, the grandmother bursts into tears of joy

May 30, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

When two people in love decide to start a family and have a baby, the news always brings everyone a lot of joy and happiness. Each family member looks forward to the delivery day, or, in the case of adoption, the moment when the baby will be "introduced" to everyone. The emotion of these moments is overwhelming and happiness takes over in the heart of every person involved.

And this is exactly what happened with the family we are about to tell you about in this story. In this case, the joy was even greater and the reaction, especially from the grandmother, was very moving. Here is this family's story:

Alan and Patrick are a gay couple living in Brazil. Always fond of children, and with a strong desire to have one of their own, the two had to overcome several obstacles before being able to reach their goal.

Being a gay couple, Alan and his partner went to specialized facilities and asked for information on IVF and similar procedures, but all of them were too expensive for them. So they opted for adoption and set the whole, very long process in motion.

The couple met little Francisco, they got to know him, fell in love with him and, with time and a lot of patience, they managed to adopt him and bring him home. The joy of the two new parents was also shared by their entire family.

Alan and Patrick, after a long period of silence, suddenly communicated to the family that the little boy was waiting for them to visit at the couple's home in Rio de Janeiro.

When the family members arrived at their home and saw the little baby in the cot, they could not hold back their emotions, surprise and happiness for the little bundle of joy.


But the reaction that most captured and entertained the web, was that of the grandmother. In the video posted by Alan and Patrick to social media, the woman is seen covering her mouth in disbelief while she was still at the front door. Then she is seen hugging one of the two fathers and walking very slowly towards little Francisco.

The couple stated: "We filmed the moment in which our family met Francisco. They weren't expecting this, it was a surprise for everyone. We were anxious to let them know about it, but we have set up everything so that they would not suspect anything". Seeing the images, they got the reaction they wanted: to leave everyone speechless.

Alan and Patrick promised that they will do everything possible to give Francisco all the love he deserves, allow him grow in total serenity and pass on their positive values and will provide him a good education.

All this so that one day, he can face the world with confidence and free from any prejudice.


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