Mom is criticized for going out in her pajamas to take her children to school: she responds in kind

by Mark Bennett

May 28, 2022

Mom is criticized for going out in her pajamas to take her children to school: she responds in kind

Jodie Palmer is a 34-year-old working woman and a tireless mother of three. Although she tries to be a positive role model for her children, some people have labeled her as a bad mom, "lazy" and even "disgusting", as she sometimes takes her children to school dressed only in her pajamas. The fact that the woman is wearing pajamas under her coat seems to be a reason for these negative judgments levelled against her. As Jodie herself pointed out, however, the truth is exactly the opposite: it is precisely because she is a devoted mother and she absolutely does not want her children to be late for school, that she goes out in her pajamas. In fact, her children are her top priority.

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Jodie was very upset when she read the criticisms targeted at her by other parents or by others who saw her taking her children to school dressed only in her pajamas. In addition to being attacked for no reason by these people, Jodie stressed how her behavior had been completely misunderstood: "I'm not a bad mom because I go out in my pajamas, I go out in my pajamas because I'm trying to be a good mother". On top of this, Jodie's normal habit is not to leave the house in her pajamas, but she explained that she does it only on days that are particularly difficult: for example, after one sleepless night with her one-year-old baby, she woke up late and didn't have the time to get dressed. She herself stated:
"People look at me and think that I am lazy or that I am not proud of myself or that I am setting a bad example for my children. But nothing could be further from the truth. For example, there was one time when I had been up pretty much all night with my one year old son. I had less than a couple of hours of uninterrupted sleep. But I still got up, got my kids ready for school, and got them to the school on time. I didn't have any time to prepare and dress myself, but that's okay because the my priority is my kids and not what strangers think about me. "


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According to Jodie, it's only the adults who have a problem with her morning outfit, as the kids don't care - they aren't embarrassed and, to be honest, they don't even notice that anything is abnormal. "Since when is being a full-time mom something to be ashamed of and to be criticised in mean-spirited commentary online?" Jodie continued: "I just wish people wouldn't judge others they don't know and who are trying hard to to cope and to do their best for the sake of their family."

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Finally, Jodie wanted to give some advice to all those who, while travelling around, happen to see a mom in her pajamas: "The next time you see a mom in her pajamas, why don't you smile at her instead of judging her? She's probably going through a very difficult time - but she still has made sure that her children are in school, and isn't this the most important thing? "