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Father and son can't stop crying while…
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Father and son can't stop crying while holding their newborn baby (+ VIDEO)

October 28, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Do you believe in miracles? Not everyone is yet open to the idea that many amazingly positive events can happen against all odds and overriding the strict rules of science, but sometimes they things happen and no one can offer a rational explanation. Just think, that the man in these touching images was declared sterile a few years after his first child, David, was born. But years and years of hope and determination have given birth to an unexpected event in the family ...

The father of the family is called Joao Prudencio Neto and he is the husband of Caroline and father to David, their beloved first child; after their first son was born, the doctors had revealed to the man that he was becoming less and less fertile and that it would very likely take a "miracle" for him to be able to conceive a child in a completely natural way with his partner. Joao and Caroline, however, did not give up and for almost 10 years they hoped and prayed that a miracle would help them, against all scientific probability, and that they would conceive and bring joy to the Neto family.

Even little David had longed for a little brother or sister for a long time, but the more the years passed the more their hopes faded ...

Until a real miracle happened in 2020; despite Joao's supposed sterility, Caroline became pregnant with Giovanna, a girl, who was born quite naturally in March 2021; obviously the whole Neto family was enthusiastic about what had happened; for people who have been officially diagnosed with infertility, the chances of having a sufficient percentage of active and able spermatozoa to fertilize the woman's egg are very low, which is why the arrival of little Giovanna was greeted with great emotion and excitement.

Just watch the emotion that dad Joao and David expressed while holding the newcomer in their arms; the video that the man posted on his Instagram profile is eloquent and particularly moving; we see father and son who allow themselves to display their hearts full of emotion in seeing little Giovanna in before them; some very touching images that immediately went around the world:


Tell us you didn't shed a few tears too at seeing this emotional family moment!


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