Couple with dwarfism have three children, one of them is born with regular proportions height -
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Couple with dwarfism have three children,…
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Couple with dwarfism have three children, one of them is born with regular proportions height

June 27, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Diversity is a great gift that should be preserved and cultivated at all costs; beware of those who tell you that "normality" is the key to living a righteous and peaceful life. Often those we consider to be "different" hide stories of resilience and suffering that are just like the problems we all have; even with some differences, we are all equal in this world, and each of us in his diversity deserves respect, care and affection.

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Many think that people with dwarfism cannot conceive children, or that if they conceive them they will be born with the same condition, they will remain very short too or they will never grow up like so-called "normal" people, but the reality is quite different. Meet Charli Worgan, an Australian woman suffering from achondroplasia (a form of dwarfism) who in 2012 got married to Cullen Adams, a boy suffering from acromicric dysplasia which means his body didn't grow to average height.

When the couple got married, they knew very well that they might face some hurdles in having children: would their children be born healthy? Would they also be carriers of one of the syndromes that their father and mother have? In the end, despite years of hesitation, Charli got pregnant for the first time in 2015, which also brought some concerns for the doctors who attended her: "Since Cullen's short stature and mine are caused by different genetic defects, there are basically four possibilities: our child could have a normal height or be born with my achondroplasia or Cullen's acromicric dysplasia. There is also the possibility of a child developing both defects which means that it would not survive long after birth ... "


But luckily, the first pregnancy went well, their eldest daughter is called Tilba and she inherited the "genetic defect" achondroplasia from her mother; but then the little Tilba was followed by two other children; the next one arrived in 2018 and she is called Tully, a joyful little girl with a great desire to live and who inherited her father's genetic defect. But all of this still wasn't enough for the Adams family.

Soon after, Charli got pregnant a third time in 2020. This time she had a baby boy named Rip; unlike his two sisters, however, he was neither born achondroplasia nor acromicric dysplasia: he will probably grow to a "standard" height. d

Of course Charli and Cullen were over the moon this time too: "I'm so glad I got pregnant this time too. I'm also infinitely grateful that we've been lucky every time with our kids because of the genetic problems that could have arisen. I have the feeling that this baby will give me the ultimate satisfaction because now our family is finally complete!"

Not only is the Adams family now complete, but it seems very united and practically perfect in its uniqueness: you are a truly beautiful family!


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