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A mom forbids her son to play with his…
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A mom forbids her son to play with his best friend because "he has two dads"

May 23, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Sometimes parents don't notice that they are being too hard on their children. Of course, they do it to protect them, to educate them, to learn them how to be in the world and to avoid potential dangers, yet there are cases in which more damage and friction is generated by mom and dad than does any good. Take for example the incredible case we want to tell you today, which has two fathers, a slightly overly strict mother and an incredulous and sad child at the center of it...

An anonymous user on Reddit told of his unpleasant experience with a family of neighbors who were perhaps a little too intolerant. The man, who lives at home with his husband and an adopted child, said that their son was very sad when he discovered that his close friend, one of the neighbors, could no longer play with him under the orders of his father and mother because their mother was prejudiced against gay people and didn't approve of the "lifestyle" their family was living. In a nutshell, this mom didn't approve at all that her son was playing with a little boy who lived with two dads.

Obviously, both the LGBT couple's son and his friend were truly sad that they couldn't see each other again, until there was a heated confrontation between one of the dads and the mother of his son's friend.


The woman had repeated to him that she did not accept their family's lifestyle at all and that if her son continued to associate with theirs, they would instill in him the seed of homosexuality and somehow "remove him from the grace of God." Words full of prejudice that the man who told the story wanted to share with readers on Reddit, to ask other users for advice, as to whether he was the bad dad who preferred to avoid letting his son play with his neighbor, or if it was the mother of that other poor child.

Most of the users obviously took the side of the two fathers, condemning the words of the mother as too severe and perhaps a little too bigoted, and thanks to her actions, voluntarily separeted two children who only wanted to play together like two close friends.

How would you have reacted?


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