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Video Surprises

Mom and Dad have a secret: their parents can't believe it !!

The new parents you see in this video, decided to their close one a beautiful surprise. During pregnancy they didn't tell anyone if it was going to be a baby boy o a baby girl, but when family and friends…

Soldier Returning From Afghanistan Organises an original Surprise For His Family

After many months spent in Afghanistan, a soldier was discharged a few weeks ago and decided to make a nice surprise to his family. He pops out of the water at the beach and meets them in a very singular…

His stepdaughter gives him a gift --- it brings tears to his eyes!

During her high school graduation party Lauren Hernandez decided not to receive a gift but to give one --- probably the most beautiful one that her stepfather could have ever expected to receive. They…

An elderly woman hugs a young man --- His gift fills her heart with joy!

Varun Pruthi is an Indian actor engaged in humanitarian action! He does this by helping the poor in his country by making surprise visits when and where they least expect to see him! In this video, Pruthi,…

A female soldier comes home early --- her son's reaction is touching!

Like so many other female soldiers in the US Army, she had been engaged in a mission that has kept her away from her family for months.  At home waiting for her, was her young son, and so, when she learned…

A grandfather is delighted to see his grandson!

This grandfather lives in Germany and travels each year back to the United States to visit his daughter and grandson.  However, due to serious health problems, this grandfather has had to give up air…

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