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These people received surprises that…
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These people received surprises that they definitely did not expect!

January 26, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

If everything in our life proceeded according to expectations, it would really be a boring existence! All of us sooner or later find ourselves having to deal with some surprises, and when it happens it can be a real hoot. 

In this gallery, we collected the reactions or testimonies of people who have found themselves managing a situation that they definitely had not expected.

Most of them took it philosophically and decided that the best weapon in these cases is always to downplay the situation.

1. A pillowcase with a print of a dinosaur ... and a young boy!


2. Enjoy your meal!


3. Not always does expectation and reality coincide

4. This family was anxiously waiting for the blanket they ordered to arrive. Here it is.

5. When the hairdresser is not really an expert ...


6. "I ordered a Champion sweatshirt and I received a Hanes sweatshirt with the Champion logo glued on top of it!"

7. The package says "2 peeled hard boiled eggs".


8. This passport photo will haunt you for several years!

9. We know that this can happen, but every time it does, it is still strange ...

image: Sconosciuto

10. Mum's face in front of a very strange and dangerous game ...

11. "We wanted a bear, not a fat rabbit!"

12. The bear has arrived, but has monstrously long legs!

13. "My friend wanted to do a craft project with wool. Well, the sky turned out well!"

14. The Halloween trick ... not quite like the original!

15. "My girlfriend ordered a heart-shaped pizza and had it sent to me. This this is what I received!"

16. The real estate agent said that the house had a "private balcony"!

17. "The photo is not indicative of the product". Evidently.

18. When the Barbie refrigerator was filled with strange drinks ...

19. "My boyfriend accidentally broke a statue of a dog he had had for many years, and there was another small dog inside! I have many questions ... "

20. It was supposed to be charming but actually, it's creepy ...


21. And these shoes?

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