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Video Surprises

Aleks plays tug of war with his horse!

Young Aleks was spending the day at a Connecticut equestrian center and when the time came for him to go riding, he went to get his horse from the stable. However, his horse had no intention of leaving…

Gender reveal after having four daughters ...

Four daughters are sitting at the table ready to eat a cupcake while their dad watches them in religious silence. The color of the filling inside of the cupcake will reveal whether it is a little girl…

DreadLocks!? After nine years --- game over!

When you wear your hair the same way for almost a decade, a sudden change of style is something that takes getting used to and requires a little bit of time. After nine years of wearing dreadlocks, this…

A Gas Station Toilet ... IS THIS REAL?!

How does a Shell gas station toilet become an internet curiosity? Surely because of some horrible and disgusting discovery, you would think! No, that's not it! The real reason will leave you speechless!…

This box contains the best surprise EVER for this dog!

When you have to live separately from your faithful four-legged friend, it is always a difficult choice to make. Fortunately, in some cases, there are parents who come forward and offer to take care of…

A Turkey Home Invasion!

This couple had been away for the weekend and upon returning home immediately noticed that one of their glass windows had been broken! Of course, they thought immediately that the glass window had been…

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