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Video Social Experiments

The reason why these two guys are cooking is very emotional !

Especially when the holidays arrive and abundance seems to reign unchallenged we must look toward those who are not as lucky as us, which is why these two guys decided to spend Thanksgiving in a special…

Passersby offer to help a child alone --- but what happens when she is dressed differently?

The invisibility that many people in our society have grown accustomed to has reached incredible levels, and even children are not immune. In this experiment carried out by UNICEF in the streets of…

6 men sit together in THE DARK. When the lights come on, the truth leaves them stunned !

Studies reveal that it takes about 7 seconds to build a prejudice based ONLY on appearance. For this, six men of different social backgrounds and lifestyles are invited to a breakfast in the dark. During…

At first people seem puzzled, but just watch what happens shortly after...

An aboriginal girl is on an Australian beach holding a sign which reads: I trust you. Do you trust me? Lets hug. At the beginning, as it is understandable, people are very suspicious, but soon after the…

He arrives at the restaurant dressed up as a homeless and is not alowed in, but when he arrives in a Ferrari ..

The experiment you see is really quite simple: a boy dresses up as homeless and goes to some restaurats asking to get a table. All restaurateurs send him away, concerned about the impact that his presence…

He tests the honesty of different people: the result is shocking!

The fact that we live in a very individualistic society is now fairly well known, but the dishonesty we see in this video is really shocking! Especially when hiding the money are not those who live in…

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