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Video Social Experiments

Thieves steal a mobile phone ---- but what happens next is shocking. . . literally!

When conducting a social experiment, one must take into account the fact that the results will most likely completely devastate one's trust in human beings! In this case, for example, the creators of…

He claims to be mommy's friend and asks to come in the house: here's the reaction of children

One of the most common phrases that a parent says to their children is perhaps the famous "Don't open to anyone!", Which aims to prevent naively children do let strangers in the house. And this is what…

This girl decided to give up a cigarette: what happens next is PRICELESS

To convince people to stop smoking it is often said that with every cigarette you lose 11 minutes of life. From this fact comes the experiment "eleven more minutes" that you see in the video: people are…

He's blind but has a winning lottery ticket: the reactions of passers-by are staggering !

In this experiment a guy pretends to be blind to understand hoe much people would take advantage of him. He approaches some people with a lottery ticket asking them to check whether he won or not. Noting…

He walks around wearing a money suit: look at how people react ...

A man decides to see how people in his city would react to the possibility of having free money. He goes on the streets dressed in a suit covered with money, telling people to get them "if they need it."…

A little girl asks strangers for food --- their reaction will impress you!

Every day our daily routine is punctuated by meals, but for many other people in the world, this is not the case! For them, hunger is real and it is a physiological condition that a human being cannot…

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