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Video Social Experiments

Some adults are locked in a car in the sun: look what happens after a few minutes.

Every summer, despite awareness campaigns, we listen to the sad news of children or animals left in hot car, with sometimes fatal consequences. To remember the risks of this absurd practice, a girl challenges…

A stranger with a puppy approaches some children: the outcome of this social experiment is scary !

All parents are very careful to teach their children not to talk to strangers, but what happens if a stranger approaches you with a sweet little puppy? In this experiment a guy shows up to moms at the…

They invite some homeless for a haircut: their reaction is priceless !

The creators of this video wanted to reflect on the importance of appearance to frame an individual within a specific geographical origin, welfare state, or simply lifestyle. For this they invited some…

They don't have enough money to pay, but what she does is just beautiful !

What would happen if a customer hasn't got enough money to pay the order that he's just made? This is the question the creators of this video asked themselves, who wanted to test some employees of different…

A man asks some homeless people for watch what happens !

Often, being rich and being generous does not go hand in hand. In fact, it's a condition of need that paradoxically leads to help those who are in the same unfortunate position. In this experiment, a…

They replaced animals for sale with pets for adoption: here's the reaction of customers at the store

The Brazilian organisation "Quatro Patinhas" has collaborated with the American Pet pet store to organize a curious experiment. In the cages in which usually there are dogs and cats at high prices, they…

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