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Video Social Experiments

A little girl is lost on the road: what this man tries to do is shocking !

A bitter-tasting social experiment. A little girl pretends to be lost and asks for help to passers-by, receiving different answers. Some of them help her, others cast out, but everything seems to still…

The greed of the wealthy against the generosity of the homeless

This experiment, tests the generosity in relation to what you have. A guy goes in search of food in a fast-food exclaiming "I'm hungry, can I take a piece of pizza?", But in general people refused and…

A fake ice cream man invites them to get on the van: the reaction of this young girl is brilliant !

Posing as an ice cream man, this man organizes a very delicate experiment that will give goosebumps to all parents. His purpose is to show how easy it is to conquer full confidence of a child and then…

They think their buying a sweater for 2 €, but wait untill they put the money ...

On April 24th, 2015 it was proclaimed the Fashion Revolution Day, a day in which 60 countries organizing a series of initiatives to raise public awareness about the real oring of the clothes you are wearing.…

One asks money for his daughter, the other to buy drugs: the reaction of people passing by is staggering !

Here's a curious experiment with a not so obvious outcome and taking a rather paradoxical turn. A man asks for money on the street showing two different signs: one asks for money to buy drugs and alcohol,…

Treated badly by passers-by, this homeless man makes a gesture that will amaze you all

In this experiment a fake homelessness kid is placed next to an adult who is begging for food, to study the different reactions of people. As expected, all are more inclined to make a gesture of charity…

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