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Video Social Experiments

What happens when a baby is constantly ignored?

We all know how the parents' state of mind affects their children, but maybe we do not know just how much until we see this video. In the video, we see an experiment that shows how infants suffer from…

How old must a girl be to get married?

What if, instead of in a country like Mali, a grown man appeared on your doorstep and asked to marry your 13-year-old daughter? The BØRNEfonden Danmark tries to give us an idea of that situation, by…

Pretending to be blind he asks passersby to change his money ...

These two brothers decided to test passers-by with one of their social experiments, in this case by testing the honesty of those who are in front of a blind person who needs help.  Wearing a pair of…

One hundred smartphones were left in the street ---- the outcome is surprising!

Maybe you have happened to be walking down the street and you have come across an object that someone had clearly lost such as a wallet, a smartphone or money that has fallen out of someone's pocket.…

While waiting something strange happens --- what will she do?

This experiment will give you an idea of how social patterns affect our behavior. While sitting in the waiting room in an eye care clinic a young woman realizes that everyone present stands up when they…

A little girl asks strangers for food --- their reaction will impress you!

Every day our daily routine is punctuated by meals, but for many other people in the world, this is not the case! For them, hunger is real and it is a physiological condition that a human being cannot…

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