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Video About Psychology

Two women and one child --- who is the mother?

From the way, we apply our observational capacity and from the intuitions that we get from our capacity to observe others, we can also understand something about ourselves and our own personality.  The…

What do you see in the image? The answer reveals your true psychological nature

There is a whole category, that is very famous, of optical illusions which can be seen from two or more perspectives that represent different objects. They are interesting in their own right because…

What your closed fist reveals about YOU!

Some gestures we make are made unknowingly, unconsciously, perhaps we have learned them from our parents or maybe not --- but what is even more curious is the fact that not all people do them the same…

How we judge others reveals a lot about ourselves!

In this image, there are four men; three of them have a saw in their hands that they are using to cut a portion of a tree upon which another man is sitting. The question we ask you is very simple: In…

The way you sit reveals a lot about your personality and here's how to interpret it

Communicating is a fundamental characteristic of every living being, even if the codes used can be very different and even non-verbal. In fact, body language is as eloquent as the spoken word, for those…

5 situations in which it is better to cut all ties with a family member

Nothing is more important than our family, they are close to us in times of need and we can draw strength and inspiration from them when necessary. Unfortunately, we cannot have the same connection with…

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