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Video About Psychology

Discover if this music and accompanying images relax you! Check it out ...

During our busy lives, being subjected to periods of great stress is something that concerns almost all of us, and although there are many ways to try to rediscover ourselves and find serenity, surely…

Do we see only what we WANT TO SEE?

Attention is a mental process that allows you to choose some external stimuli and ignore others. In this quick test, you have to count the number of times the players wearing white pass the basketball.…

Are you ready to take the Hollow Mask Test?

The "Hollow Mask Test" is a tool used in the field of neuropsychology to better identify cases of schizophrenia. Healthy people fall into the trap of the optical illusion and see the inside of the mask…

The way you close your fist could reveal some aspects of your personality

Some gestures we make are made unknowingly, unconsciously, perhaps we have learned them from our parents or maybe not --- but what is even more curious is the fact that not all people do them the same…

Nail biting is a very common bad habit and can indicate some personality traits

Often, even before adolescence, children develop the bad habit of biting their nails, sometimes even reducing the nails to microscopic dimensions. The most prominent motivation behind this behavior is…

Which scenario frightens you the most?

The test you see below was created and based on a quote from Joseph Campbell, writer, religious historian, and psychology enthusiast, who argued that: "The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you…

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