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Video About Psychology

The 10 things an Alpha Woman cannot tolerate in a relationship

Independent, autonomous, and ambitious women: They are the so-called "alpha women", that are a category of people who know exactly what they want and are not afraid to defend what they believe. It is…

7 fundamental values ​​that we have stopped transmitting to our children ... and that we should recover!

While trying to live in the present, without making too many comparisons with the past and without the utopian prospects of the future; it is useless to say "we were better off when we were worse off"…

What do you see in the image? The first impression reveals what you want most in the world!

"The world is beautiful because it is varied." - a popular saying that over the years continues to preserve a great truth. Each of us has our own personality and attitude: there are those who do everything…

Do not expect anything from anyone and you will live much better!

In relationships between people, when it comes to friends, family, partners or even acquaintances, we often run the risk of being disappointed. This may happen, not because they did something wrong, but…

A year after their divorce, women become much happier and more attractive, and here is why!

It seems almost obvious to say it, but divorce is one of the most traumatic moments one can experience. Not only for the causes that lead to the end of a relationship that may have lasted for many years,…

Three actions of parents that end up destroying the self-esteem of their children

There are no manuals or universal rules that teach us how to become good parents. However, there are some precautions that would be good to follow in order to raise autonomous individuals who, above all,…

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