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Video About Psychology

"18 Summers" --- an inspiring letter from a grandmother who makes us reflect on how quickly time passes ...

Remember, that "the days are long, but the years are very short.”  This saying contains an undeniable and absolute truth, namely, that time passes relentlessly and the period of our youth seems to…

Here is why anxious women are often the STRONGEST women

Women who suffer from anxiety are well aware of the feeling of anguish that suffocates, paralyzes, annihilates, and always makes one feel in a state of alarm and discomfort. Experiencing chronic anxiety…

Unhappy forever! Here is why some couples whose relationship has ended still don't have the courage to leave each other!

There are so many couples who, despite having been together for a lifetime and yet sharing the same roof, are deeply out of touch and disconnected from each other. They say they love each other, but spend…

People with green eyes are as rare as they are fascinating and here are the reasons why!

The eyes are a fundamental component of an individual's personal charm. From looking at someone's eyes we can perceive joy, worry, happiness, anger or the attention of those with whom we interact. In…

Ideal wives are born in these three zodiac signs, but all men, in particular, lose their heads for number three!

Marriage is an important step in everyone's life. While making this decision, there are many factors to consider before embarking on this adventure. However, such things as affinities or differences in…

11 questions you need to ask yourself to improve your life

It is often believed that to be able to complete each task and achieve one's goals, it is necessary to maintain a fast pace, in order to realize one's dreams as soon as possible. However, in reality,…

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