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Video About Psychology

Parents should involve their children more in household chores, research studies confirm

We often tend to believe that today's children are more spoiled than in the past. While before, in fact, the children in the family were real helpers to their parents in their work and in doing household…

My mother taught me everything, except to live without her

A mother is an essential figure in the life of a daughter and when she dies, an inexorable void is created that is difficult to fill with time. However, a daughter can and must take ownership of the precious…

5 things that many women who have reached a certain maturity cannot tolerate in their personal relationships

A woman, like all self-aware human beings, never stops evolving and over the years she acquires more and more awareness and love for herself. While as a young girl, many women are inclined to feel more…

You cannot be a father only when you remember and psychological studies explain the importance of this role

Some men, when children arrive and they become fathers, decide to leave their partner, or when things are not going well or if there is no more love between them, then for these men, it time to leave.…

A real man does not make his partner suffer, instead, he loves her and does everything to protect her

Being a "real man" is not synonymous with having many women, but on the contrary, it is knowing how to love one's partner. A good relationship between two people is much more than physical intimacy or…

Test yourself with this visual quiz that says the first thing you see reveals something about your personality

The Internet is now full of psychological quizzes and optical illusions that test even the most attentive observers with images that deceive the brain, making us see things that, in reality, do not really…

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