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Video About Psychology

To those who are still going to work everyday during the health crisis: thank you for everything you do

With almost the entire world in lockdown, we've finally seen a decrease in the number of new Coronavirus cases. The decision to close everything up, however, hasn't come without repercussions. Almost…

When this emergency ends, I don't want everything to go back to exactly the way it was before

When this is all over, I don't want the world to be what it has always been. After the global pandemic caused by the Coronavirus is finally over, taking away pain, suffering and many sacrifices, I don't…

I should've hugged you a little longer the last time I saw you

"I should've held onto you a little longer and paid more attention to you the last time I saw you." This is a thought that's probably been on most of our minds lately. Especially when we think about the…

Children risk being subjected to the traumas of quarantine more than anyone else: never as now is the role of adults fundamental

The isolation situation that most of the world is experiencing due to the Coronavirus pandemic is not easy because it limits daily actions and forces us to change habits. Quarantine, in such a delicate…

Courageous and strongly impulsive: those born under the sign of Leo do not know half measures

Loved and hated at the same time, followed, revered or repudiated, those born under the zodiac sign of Leo (July 23 - August 23) are rightly considered the real kings of the zodiacal system; he who was…

8 useful tips to better manage the anxiety and stress generated by the Coronavirus emergency

Coronavirus is now a sadly current reality in many parts of the world. The degree of diffusion varies from area to area, from country to country, but it seems clear that, to avoid making things worse,…

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