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Video About Psychology

Those who have the opportunity to have a Scorpio friend are lucky because there are very few people like them!

Those born under the zodiac sign of Scorpio are unique individuals, just as this zodiac sign, in itself is unique within the zodiac. Having a friend or partner born in the aforementioned constellation…

Do you always wake up during the night? Here's what your body is trying to tell you ...

Sleep disorders are a truly unbearable problem for those who are afflicted. You wake up in the middle of the night and, even if you would like to - and should - go back to sleep, you do not and cannot…

Better to marry late but be more conscious than to marry young the wrong person

There are people who dream of their wedding day from an early age and cannot wait to meet their "other half" to make their dream come true. Therefore, some couples who meet and fall in love when they…

The brain of a liar works differently and here are the mechanisms that assist them in lying

What is the secret to becoming a skillful liar? Simple: it takes a lot of practice. This is the short and sweet synthesis of various neuroscientific studies on the brain mechanisms of the people who habitually…

The sweet revenge of bald men! Now, according to science, they are strong, sexy, and more intelligent

In the past, baldness was considered a source of embarrassment and discomfort, and everything was done to hide it. Over the years, fortunately, fashion and cinema have definitively redeemed "being…

The power of karma means what is destined for you will find a way to reach you

Love, work, and life, often do not go in the direction we would like, and this makes us feel lost, disappointed and defeated as if nothing makes sense. We try in every way to change the course of…

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