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Video About Psychology

How to best manage children's whims and outbursts according to the Montessori method

The management of a child's anger and outbursts often puts parents in difficulty as they constantly ask themselves how and if to intervene. One of the most authoritative aids on the subject comes from…

If we allow a child to treat parents or grandparents badly, the child will never respect anyone

In a world where many feel entitled and the lack of respect is the order of the day, it would appear that not all children and this also includes even some adolescents, are not able to immediately learn…

The real secret to happiness is when someone else cleans your house for you!

Doing household chores and cleaning are not really the most attractive activities we hope to do over the weekend, yet sometimes it is impossible to avoid them. A large and lively family, a dinner with…

Hold on tight to Taurus people because they are the best friends you could ever have!

All the people we know in life, from the closest to the most casual acquaintances, have strengths and weaknesses, but basically who does not? The reality is that we are all complicated individuals, and…

Do you have someone of the zodiac sign Cancer in your life? Here is why you are VERY lucky ...

Intuition, confidentiality, patience, meticulousness, and intelligence. These are just some of the characteristics of those born under the sign of Cancer, between June 21 and July 22. It is a truly special…

The way you close your fist reveals a lot about your character! Go ahead, try it!

Body language is part of non-verbal communication and is much more important than one might imagine. The gestures that accompany our conversations comprise at least 50% of our ability to communicate and…

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