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Video Illusionismo

Stairwell illusion !!

Now lets find out how many times you'll have to watch this video before you figure it out :)

You can watch this video a million times but you still won't understand how this is possible

No wonder that the magician Liu Qian is one of the most famous ones in Asia: his trick with coins will make you run out of words. An explanation of course there is, but ... HOW does he do it?!?!?

Honda: When the impossible becomes possible

Look at these amazing optical illusions used in the making of this extraordinary Honda commercial

By only using two sheets of paper, a man shows you 6 amazing optical illusions !

Simply by using two printed sheets, this man creates really surprising optical illusions . To do them yourself, just print an image on a lined transparent sheet (find it here), and place it above the…

Imagine if toys began to walk? Here's the crazy video!!

Criss asks customers in a toy store to pick some dolls from the shelves. Shortly after, the unbelievable happens. The teddy walks and falls on command.

Their wedding dance is awesome, but at one point it also becomes ... MAGIC!

Everyone hopes that the day of their wedding is a magic one, but this couple have definitely interpreted this wish ... Their wedding dance, already very original and engaging from the start, has a surprise…

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