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15 optical illusions that will literally…
He approaches a quiet marsh area and shows us what lies under the pool of water ... Choose two individuals in this picture ... and find out more about your state of mind!

15 optical illusions that will literally drive you crazy!

October 26, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

What we see does not always exist in reality! This does not mean that we are out of our heads, but it is a completely normal mechanism.

The eyes alone do not completely contribute to forming vision, a small part is also played by the brain that "fills in" some parts with projections.

Now, practice with these optic illusions, to have a "distorted" view of reality --- it is all the brain's fault!

What color are the spirals?

image: pinimg

The blue and green spirals are actually the same color.

What color are the squares in the center of the two faces?

image: pinimg

Are they really of the same color?

image: pinimg

Look at squares A and B ...

image: E.H. Adelson

These are also the same color!

image: E.H. Adelson

The two squares are of different colors but ...

image: pinimg

Try to cover with the finger the horizontal line that separates them!

Do you see the yellow horse and the orange horse?

image: persianpet

Actually I'm of the same color!


How many shades of color do you see?

image: psy

There are only two, purple and green.

What color are the squares?

image: psy

Pink and green--- and that's all!


Are you able to fix your eyes on both faces?

image: BenHeine

Fix your eyes on the point at the bottom right ... And the moving bar will turn blue!

image: 9gag

Look at the cross in the center and a green circle will seem to replace the pink circles one after the other, but it does not really exist!

image: pinterest

Try it and look steadily at the pink circles and the green ones will not appear.

Focus on the black point in the center of the image and the building will become colored --- not black and white!

image: imgur

Carefully look at the dots in the center of the figure for 30 seconds, then turn your gaze elsewhere --- what do you see?

image: wikimedia

Do you see the black dots between the squares? Actually, there are no black dots ...

image: lh5

Fix your eyes on the black spot and the gray spot around it will slowly disappear ...

image: vimeo

Fix your eyes on any part of the image --- within a few seconds the colored areas will disappear.

image: watson

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