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7 brilliant tips for an impeccably clean…
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7 brilliant tips for an impeccably clean bathroom

October 21, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Not being a neat or clean freak is not a bad thing, but there are two places in the house where you have to be strict and always maintain a high level of hygiene more than in any other environment, namely, the kitchen and the bathroom.

The latter in particular requires deep cleansing and we are here to give you some tips on how to make it cleaner and more hygienic than the table you eat on!

Here are seven tips that are both practical and efficient to make sure you always have a shiny and clean bathroom.

1. For mirrors without streaks

If you do not like the idea of buying a specially made product for clearing mirrors, then you can make a non-toxic one yourself. Just prepare a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and bicarbonate rub in on the surface to be cleaned. Alternatively, if you are in "emergency", you can use common shaving cream and you will get a shiny mirror that will not even fog up!

2. A clean and germ-free bathtub (or shower tray)

image: Homedit.com

One way to thoroughly clean the bathtub is to mix in a container, baking soda (1 tablespoon), vinegar (half a glass), denatured alcohol (1 glass) and water (3 glasses). Sprinkle the cleaning detergent so obtained on the entire surface to be treated and let it soak for at least 15 minutes, then scrape it with a sponge and finally rinse off any residual dirt.


3. To clean the toilet

The toilet can be safely cleaned with any emergency products that you definitely already have on hand. In a container, put a little toothpaste and water container, shake well and pour it into the toilet bowl, trying to start from the inner rim. Let the mixture act for ten minutes then rub with the toilet brush and finally rinse. Alternatively, you can use some mouthwash!

4. To kill the bacteria present on the floor

Wear the rubber gloves, then wet cotton makeup disks or balls with bleach and use them to clean spots and places where a common cleaning cloth cannot reach. 

5. To get rid of rust

image: Storyblocks

Sprinkle the affected part with salt and then wet it with lemon juice. Leave for 3-4 hours (preferably overnight), then remove everything with a cloth and always remember that a bathroom needs to be ventilated.


6. To clean the shower curtains

In a spray container, add 2 tablespoons of dish detergent to 2 cups of bleach. Spray this mixture on the shower curtains, leave for a few minutes then rinse thoroughly.

7. For dust-free ceilings

image: StoryBlocks

Yes, because the dust does not accumulate only on the floor but everywhere! In a bucket, combine warm water and vinegar in equal parts, wet a floor cloth with the liquid, then squeeze it well and use it to clean the bathroom ceiling. 

We remind you that while doing any of these cleaning procedures, it is always good to wear rubber gloves to protect your skin and prevent any kind of irritation.

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