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Video Illusionismo

Six women with five pairs of legs: can you solve this optical illusion?

A photo shared on the social media platform, Reddit, shows six women, but only five pairs of legs are visible. This optical illusion has left users perplexed due to its strangeness. In the image, five…

Look closely at these faces: do you see a man and a woman?

Appearances can be deceiving and this is well known. And what can perfectly illustrate this concept if not an optical illusion? An optical illusion manages to deceive our eye, or rather, our brain,…

Can you find the baby in this picture?

A loving couple immersed in a beautiful landscape, as they romantically embrace on the shore of a lake. Next to them a tree that extends its large branches over their heads, while in the distance you…

The first thing you see in this image could reveal what your current state of mind is

A psychological test can tell us a lot about our personality and depending on what a person sees in an image, that person's perception and attitudes can be evaluated and in some cases, psychologists…

Who or what is hidden behind these zig zag lines? Only a few can immediately give the right answer

The Internet is full of puzzles, riddles, and optical illusions, from those that are easy to solve to the ones with more difficult interpretations and solutions. What we are about to propose is an image…

22 random photos that at first glance are incomprehensible

Among the five senses, sight is the one we use the most and it is natural that we tend to trust what we see.  Yet, our eyes do not always give us back a faithful version of reality. What people see ranges…

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