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22 random photos that at first glance…
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22 random photos that at first glance are incomprehensible

June 12, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Among the five senses, sight is the one we use the most and it is natural that we tend to trust what we see. 

Yet, our eyes do not always give us back a faithful version of reality.

What people see ranges from forced perspectives to real optical illusions, passing through pareidolia, which is the tendency of our brain to recompose or recognize human faces and other known figures in random forms. 

Here are 22 photos that will teach you to look more closely at what you think you see!

1. A giant cat that runs with horses. The person who captured this image has a strange fantasy ...

2. My son's hands? Huge.


3. When your cat's body looks like a field of wheat

4. The genetic experiment succeeded perfectly.

5. On this pair of glasses only the right lens is corrective and this is the shadow it produces.


6. Is this glass melting in the sun?

7. The endless dog


8. Giant ducks on the beach!

9. Waiter, my egg is upset!


10. Scooby Doo among the frothy foam in this glass of beer!

11. This bathroom on the train is entirely painted and complete with .... fake bathroom accessories.

12. This student received "59/59" as a score. Obviously, for the first 10 minutes, the student thought that the professor had written "SALSA".

13. When a thick carpet of pine needles is terribly reminiscent of a Van Gogh ...

14. Bald men are camouflaged with leather seats

15. Pinocchio in the subway

16. A close encounter between my friend and a giant seagull.

17. Nutshells are not what they seem

18. An orca that is a bit too big and above all flies.

19. Turn towards me! Oh my God, not like that!

20. A giant phoenix in the sky of Siberia

21. A few kilometers further south, also in Russia, a bear arrives.

22. An oil stain in water that looks like a black sun

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