When an image is captured at the right…
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When an image is captured at the right moment 14 surreal photos are created by pure chance

May 06, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Since we have had the opportunity to take advantage of a camera on our smartphone, the number of photos we take daily has increased. However, at the same time, how many of these deserve to be deleted and how many instead, to be saved?

The fact is that we often capture an image other than with the intention of taking a nice photograph. That is how the captured images presented in this article came into being, even though at first glance this would not seem to be the case at all.

These are captured images that, even if they were done by amateurs, still deserve to be saved!

An angel in the heart of the city.

Half human and half raptor.


It can hide everywhere.

This book does not seem to be very funny ...

A baby-dad fusion?!


A magnificent ponytail.

image: unknown/imgur

Sports illusions.


Something tells us that this man was listening to music ...

The real one and the tattoo meet.


Something must be really hilarious!

image: verguy/imgur

A magic drink or light reflections?

The ball looks like an eclipse.

There's something weird about this image.

Let's go, on the flying carpet!

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