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Who or what is hidden behind these zig…
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Who or what is hidden behind these zig zag lines? Only a few can immediately give the right answer

September 03, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

The Internet is full of puzzles, riddles, and optical illusions, from those that are easy to solve to the ones with more difficult interpretations and solutions.

What we are about to propose is an image that you probably will not be able to understand immediately! In fact, few can say they solved it with one glance and immediately saw what lies behind the zig-zagged lines.

This image which has gone viral, besides being intentionally entertaining, in reality, also represents a very precise and very strong message.

Here is an interesting puzzle that has as its protagonist a "character" loved by young and old. Probably very few, if any, will be able to immediately identify the figure hidden among the black and white zig zag lines. Those who are able to do this immediately will be wondering what is so strange about this image! Do not worry, there are actually very few "lucky" people who can recognize at first glance what is hidden among the zig-zag lines, this is because such individuals, in fact, have greater and more accurate "visual-spatial attention"

If you have not yet identified it, try to move away from the image and then look at it again. Were you able to discover who or what is hidden? If the answer is negative, then you can find the solution here below...

image: Pixabay.com

It's a giant panda bear

This puzzle was created a few years ago by a Russian artist named Ilja Klemencov, and his optical illusion has since gone viral. The image is entitled "They can disappear" and it has been appropriated to support the World Wildlife Fund's (WWF) efforts to protect this animal. In fact, the WWF, which is an environmental protection agency has as its symbol a giant panda bear and has been fighting for years to safeguard this large mammal which is also on the "red list" of threatened animals and species.

This is a beautiful initiative regarding these animals that is impossible not to love!


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