Six women with five pairs of legs: can…
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Six women with five pairs of legs: can you solve this optical illusion?

June 12, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

A photo shared on the social media platform, Reddit, shows six women, but only five pairs of legs are visible. This optical illusion has left users perplexed due to its strangeness. In the image, five women are seated on a sofa in a bar, while another woman is seated on the right arm of the sofa.

From careful observation of the photo it seems that the legs of the third girl from the left are missing. This has left Reddit users surprised, and they are trying to find an explanation.

via: Reddit

"The legs of the second girl are behind those of the first, I think," wrote one user, trying to come up with a solution.

"It is the second girl from the left whose legs are hard to find because they are hidden behind the girl on the far left. Her pants are the same color and almost blurred in. You can tell the difference when you see some of her leg over the boot, " noted another. "The two girls on the left are wearing black jeans. If you look closely, you can see that one leg is too big to be that from a single girl. Look closely and you will see the change in hue of the black jeans," commented a third user .

While very few been able to find the exact explanation of the mystery behind the missing pair of legs in the photo, some have speculated on the most plausible solution. According to a Reddit user, "if you look at the image in detail, the middle girl's legs are the first pair of blue jeans on the left. The first two girls on the left side are both wearing black pants and their legs are partially covered up by with the other girl, plus the girl in the dark blue top has dark leggings. "

Others, however, have speculated that the girl in her center may have her legs spread out under all the other legs of her friends. What is certain is that the key to solving the mystery lies in the girls' shoes and the color of their pants. "If you could see the shoes, the illusion would be solved. You can see the legs of the second girl from the left underneath those of the girl on the far left," suggested another user.

What do you think the solution is?


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