Can you find the baby in this picture?
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Can you find the baby in this picture?

August 17, 2021 • By Alison Forde

A loving couple immersed in a beautiful landscape, as they romantically embrace on the shore of a lake. Next to them a tree that extends its large branches over their heads, while in the distance you can see a forest full of trees. It seems that there is nothing else in this beautiful image, but what if we told you that in reality there is also a child?

That's right, this illustration contains an optical illusion that has driven anyone who has tried to figure it out crazy. The challenge is to find the child in a maximum of five seconds, and to think that only 25% of people have managed to solve it.

Look carefully: can you find the baby in the photo in just five seconds?

Every now and then it is good to try to solve the challenges posed by optical illusions, because in this way we can train both the brain and the sight. Before leaving you to the enigma, it's useful to give a brief introduction on optical illusions, so as to help you understand something more about this strange phenomenon that strikes us when we look at some images.

When our visual system sees images, it transmits and processes them in a tenth of a second. It is then up to the brain, at a later stage, to organize all the information transmitted by the visual system to give it logical sense. Most of the time the brain manages to organize them perfectly, getting along with the visual system, but it can happen that the brain gets confused and cannot organize them in a logical way, and it is precisely in that case that the optical illusion occurs.

image: Piqsels

Having given this short explanation, we want to test you and we invite you to take this challenge too!

Whoever came up with this puzzle wanted to make it even more difficult by setting a very short time frame to solve it. Thinking about it, given the difficulty, we can give you a small clue: do not look for the child in the smallest details, because he is much bigger than you can imagine.

Don't cheat! Remember that you only have five seconds of time. Let us know if you managed to solve the riddle, we are waiting for your reaction in the comments!


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