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Video Illusionismo

Spooky Hollow Body Illusion! Wow!

The world of makeup is not just the one that aims to make us look more beautiful and with a face that has no imperfections. In fact, the world of makeup attracts many people who prefer to play with their…

Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see ...

The many optical illusions that can be found all over the Internet should convince us that our brain is not a foolproof defense! In fact, this video is an example of how the brain can be easily deceived.…

An invisible magic chair that seems SO real!

If you happen to see a man sitting on nothing but air, do not be afraid! This is the latest "magic" illusionist trick that street artists are doing which is causing a lot of fun in entire cities around…

This optical illusion is amazing! WoW!

The human eye is a fascinating and very efficient organ, but we certainly cannot say that it is foolproof! In fact, illusionists and illustrators have always had a lot of fun tricking the human eye by…

Start by folding construction paper --- and create a magical effect!

The human eye is an organ that works like an extremely precise machine, which, however, relies on some intricate physiological stratagems to observe the outside world and understand it. These processes…

A soldier tries to follow his strange shadow ... But what happens is HILARIOUS!

Sometimes, very strange things can happen in shopping malls: and I am not talking about finding the last one of something you really wanted to buy, on sale at a bargain price --- in your size AND favorite…

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