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How to put makeup on in 10 seconds

are you in a hurry? Here is the right solution
Funny Spot Women

These people didn't expect this to happen when they accepted the NINJA's challenge!!

Standing in the street with a sign that says "FIGHT ME," this man seems an original and harmless street artist. Many people look at him curiously, but as soon as someone gets courage and takes the sword…

Don't you dare touch me again, human!

While driving in his van, this guy dared to touch his friend in the chest but this is what he got back ... hilarious.
Dogs Funny

Candid camera in the public toilet

Do not miss the faces of the victims out of the public bathroom located in the square, they find themselves in an office. LOL

Diving into the pool with the Superslide

Ohio Dreams is a sports field and it is located in Butler Ohio in the United States, for the summer they have created a giant slide to dive into the pool.

A dad discovers that his daughter bullies a classmate and he takes the victim shopping instead of his daughter

When a parent is told that their child is disrespectful to others and mistreats their peers, many parents defend their child and do not accept being themselves also guilty and responsible, in a certain…

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