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Video About Environment

Watch 25 years of Arctic ice disappear in a minute ...

Since the 1980s, the amount of perennial ice in the Arctic Polar Circle has been decreasing. This digital animation retraces the changes that occurred between 1990 and 2015. With the color white you see…

Lake Chagan - Russia's Radioactive Lake!

The 1960s were characterized by intense political conflicts between the United States and the Soviet Union. Each world power tried to establish supremacy over the other with constant threats, territorial…

Clouds of toxic smog take over the city in seconds!

The city of Bejing, in China, is often overwhelmed by the smog it produces, making it necessary to close schools, offices, and to impose a rigid traffic block. Nonetheless, you still do not really have…

How the Mendenhall glacier has changed in 8 years is astonishing --- see the changes with a time-lapse camera

This video is devoted to all those who still think climate change is a lie told to distract from other issues. Unfortunately for us, it is true that the planet we live on is endangered and that it is…

The mystery of plastic number codes revealed here and now!

We know that today there are some great issues whose resolution can no longer be postponed and among them is the question of plastic! This revolutionary material introduced in the early 1900s has long…

A juice factory deposits tons of orange peels onto a wasteland area creating a beautiful forest

What we are about to tell you is an experiment that demonstrates how the synergy between industrial and environmental needs, after twenty years, has given unexpected results. The project was born in 1997 when…

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