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7 New Tricks For Smartphones That Most Of Us Do Not Know

Applications have turned many people's smartphones into real video gamepads!  But are there only video game apps? Absolutely not! In fact, although most users only download fun and entertaining applications,…

5 Common Charging Errors That Damage A Smartphone Battery

Although technology is making great strides and our smartphones try to be more and more evolved to withstand the treatment of even the laziest and clumsy users, there are some measures that can improve…

6 Tricks That Will Make You Love Your Smartphone Even More

There is no real need to buy a smartphone of the latest generation to take good pictures or to take advantage of special features! Why? Because your old smartphone can already do all of this, you just…

8 Secrets Regarding Smartphones That Very Few People Know

Are you one of those individuals who is constantly looking for new apps for their smartphone, hoping to find the one that is truly useful and that you cannot do without? If that is the case, then this…

8 Hidden Features On Your Android Smartphone

Always having a smartphone at hand does not necessarily mean knowing how to use it to perfection. There are Android touch-screens features of that most people do not know about. Therefore, for this reason,…

10 Unknown Functions On Your Smartphone That You Will Start Using Immediately

All (or most) of us own a smartphone. This tool has become more and more important for us over the years. Whether it is to find information quickly, to take photos or make or watch videos that we consider…

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