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13 Tourist Destinations That In Reality Are Not Quite What You Think!

When you go on a trip to a place you have never seen before, you have to put a lot of trust in the opinions of people who have already seen it, in the websites, and magazines that show photos of the…

Houses That Hide From Us In Plain Sight!

Whoever has the chance to build a house exactly the way they would like also has the luxury of making some particular or special requests and seeing them realized! One of the possible requests is to be…

These 25 Photos Are #Only In Dubai ... Take A Look!

Those who still think of Dubai as one of the many cities lost in the dusty, hot and dry, desert are grossly mistaken. However, even those who consider Dubai to be rich, unbridled, and without rules are…

Giethoorn --- A Dutch Village With Only Waterways And No Streets!

Walking along the streets of Giethoorn (Holland) you will be seriously tempted to believe that you are living in a dream come true, one made of beautiful plants, crystal clear streams, and cottages that…

Chamois --- A Beautiful Italian Town That Is An Alpine Marvel!

If you are looking for a place that is fresh and cool to spend the summer or in which to appreciate the wonders of winter, you should visit Chamois, a small town in Val d'Aosta (northern Italy) which…

Watch A Part Of An Enormous Glacier Collapse! Epic!

The same way that witnessing a spectacular giant lava stream flowing into the sea takes our breath away so too watching this enormous glacier wall collapse. In fact, here in this video, we see the gigantic…

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