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Discover A Tasty Avocado, Egg, And Toast Recipe!

If you have not yet introduced avocados into your kitchen, this is the recipe to start!  In fact, this exotic fruit lends itself particularly to a wide range of preparations given its very delicate taste.…

Poached Eggs Like You Have Never Seen Before!

Cooking poached eggs is not a simple task, as it might seem, indeed, it is also challenging for experienced cooks. Today we present a rather ingenious way to prepare this simple dish without making any…

Discover An Easy And Tasty Appetizer Or Snack!

Is today one of those days when you just feel like eating something decidedly tasty? Prepare it with your own hands by seeing what you can do with these pesto, ham, and mozzarella stuffed sandwich bread…

Discover This Mouthwatering BBQ Bacon Sushi!

The recipe that we present is interesting because it manages to combine the process of preparing sushi with ingredients that are very distant from traditional Japanese cuisine. Inside the typical sushi rolling…

Discover How To Make Delicious "cube" Appetizers!

We have already spoken previously here about four alternative uses for ice trays. But what we are proposing today is a real recipe for an appetizer that combines refined taste with disarming simplicity.…
Food Kitchen Tricks

DIY Ballon Chocolate Easter Eggs!

Spring break has begun and if you are desperately looking for something to do together with your children, maybe you can make something that would also be nice to add to the traditional Easter Sunday…

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