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Discover An Innovative Pizza Recipe --- The Pizza Braid!

Do you have a craving for pizza but the idea of a classic round pizza seems a bit too ordinary for you? Then how about surprising your guests and perhaps even yourself?!   Yes, try this original pizza…

Here Is A Cool Baking Hack That Saves Time And Money!

When you line your baking pans and trays with parchment paper, do you also waste more paper than you need? This is only because you do not know some simple rules! Two simple rules, to be exact. One concerns,…

Discover A Recipe For Lighter But Very Tasty French Toast Dish!

French toast is a tasty dish that dates back to the Middle Ages. Usually, however, it is rather heavy on the stomach because of the way it is traditionally cooked. With today's recipe, we want to give…

Discover A Delicious Tunisian Dish!

Serving a typical dish from a foreign country at your table is an alternative way of getting to know the world without leaving your house. In fact, the ingredients used to prepare a dish are closely related…

A Delicious And Innovative Tiramisu Cake Roll

For those of you who do not have much time to devote to preparing a tasty dessert, or who simply prefer desserts that do not require any cooking or baking, then you should definitely learn about this…

Discover An Unusual German Dessert --- Sphaghettieis

"Spaghettieis" is a German dish that looks like a real plate of spaghetti!  However, it is actually a German dessert specialty, made essentially with vanilla ice cream. This is a cute and ironic way…

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