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Japanese Efficiency Is Legendary --- Take A Look!

When it comes to working efficiently, no one can surpass the Japanese people, who have earned a reputation as hard workers. Moreover, what happened in the city of Fukuoka does nothing but confirm it!…

Discover An Awesome Painting Technique!

If you were in front of this work of art already completed you would probably never imagine that to paint the characteristic and distinctive body of a Chinese dragon, one brushstroke was sufficient!…

Incredible Ambidextrous Drawing Skills -- A MUST SEE!

That some people have the ability to write with both hands, we knew, but there are those who manage to bring this skill to new sensational artistic levels!  This Japanese guy, ambidextrous from birth,…
Art Japan Talents

The Japanese Prime Minister's Motorcade And Road Traffic!

Whether they are Presidents of a republic, kings, ministers or typical politicians, it is customary to stop or slow down traffic to allow the car (s) carrying them to take precedence and this custom seems…

See How The Japanese Make Maximum Use Of Space! :)

Speaking of the stressful lives that commuters must face daily touches on a very sore spot. As if the extra amount time needed to go work and return home from work were not enough we must also add the…

Watch And Discover How Knives Are Made!

The work that we show here is pure craftsmanship.  How else to define the difficult but fascinating process that leads to the creation and construction of PERFECT butcher knife starting with a metal…

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