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These Mesmeric Fingers Make Calculations In Milliseconds!

In Japan, the accounting department of a company is managed very seriously. Consequently, there are highly-trained employees specialized in performing operations with a calculator, at an incredible speed.…

Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Snow Route--- Stunning Panorama!

Japan is a country that allows you to see fascinating natural landscapes, that are often even radically different. The Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route is definitely one of these. It is 37 km (23 miles)…
Japan Mountain Snow

Moving House In Japan Is A Breeze!

Even when you hire a moving company that deals with loading and transporting all your belongings from one house to another, the work of packing up can be exhausting. If you entrusted moving your belongings…

Amazing Precision! --- The Osaka Monorail (Japan)

In the Japanese metropolitan areas, we know, the public means of transport are being tested daily by the large number of commuters who travel on them, especially the train system. One of the ways by which…

Japanese Efficiency Is Legendary --- Take A Look!

When it comes to working efficiently, no one can surpass the Japanese people, who have earned a reputation as hard workers. Moreover, what happened in the city of Fukuoka does nothing but confirm it!…

Discover An Awesome Painting Technique!

If you were in front of this work of art already completed you would probably never imagine that to paint the characteristic and distinctive body of a Chinese dragon, one brushstroke was sufficient!…

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