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Shortly Before His Death, The Greatest Japanese Swordsman Wrote 21 Life Precepts That Are Worth Reading!

You probably do not know the name of Miyamoto Musashi, but you know that the Japanese tradition celebrates the art of skillfully using the sword. In fact, Miyamoto is still considered today the greatest…

5 Reasons Why It Is Very Easy To Be Thin In Japan!

The problem of obesity continues to be more and more consistent in developed countries and also affects the younger age groups. Many countries have moved to counteract the trend. For example, Dubai pays…

25 Japanese Inventions That Will Make You Admire Their Genius!

The world always keeps an attentive eye on Japan. This is because, in Japan, every day, fascinating philosophies, new traditions, and ideas for future technology are born. In addition, in Japan, there…

22 Ingenious Inventions That The Japanese Use Daily That Should Be Used Around The World

It has often been said that Japanese society operates in a totally different way from other countries in the world. This is true and we can readily acknowledge this fact when we see the small but exceptional…

Save Money In No Time! With This Japanese Method, You Will Be Surprised At How Easy It Is

Saving money is not easy at all. It is not just a matter of having a lot of money or having only a little, more than anything else it has to do with a capacity for organizing and planning. In order to…

6 Eating Habits That Help Japanese Women Stay Slim And Fit

Obesity is a problem that is spreading in a very frightening way even in countries where up to a few years ago there was no trace. However, we all have noticed that in Asia there still persists a substantial…

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