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Watch A Master Glass Sculpture Artist Create A Stunning DRAGON!

The art of creating sculptures made of glass is as famous as it is difficult. If you have never witnessed the realization of an object of art using this technique, the glass art that the glass sculpture…

See How World Globe Maps Were Made!

Today, probably, all the world globe maps are built in a totally mechanized way, as is the case for most objects. However, in 1955 many products were still made by hand, including world globe maps. …

Watch The Mesmerizing Creation Of A Ceramic Bowl!

Being a ceramic artist is one of those professions that not very many people are able to master, but when someone can, then even those who are not very knowledgeable, are nevertheless enchanted by the…

Discover A Sculptural Art Form The "Hobo Nickel".

The "Hobo Nickel" is the art of modifying coins and this sculptural art form was already in vogue in the eighteenth century! Now one of its main representatives is the UK-based engraver and urban artist…

See How A Hand-made Guitar Is Made From Start To Finish!

The guitar market offers a wide range of prices, from the most affordable to the most exclusive and expensive! That which truly and definitely distinguishes a quality instrument is the signature of the…

An Ancient Japanese Technique That Preserves Wood For One 100 Years!

"Shou sugi ban" is a Japanese technique to which natural wood is subjected to obtain a finish that is aesthetically striking, beautiful, and unique which can last up to 100 years!  The surface of…

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