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Look What Computer-controlled Machine Tools Can Do!

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines are mostly used in high-precision work, but over time their use has spread to various other fields including the artistic ones. Basically these machines produce a…

Fibonacci Spiral Wood Shaving Is A Real ART!

Woodworking is an art that requires patience, precision, and imagination. A person must have a natural ability for both the physical side which requires strength and tenacity to handle large trunks of…

A Mesmerizing Rolex Watch Making Demonstration!

For lovers of wrist watches, Rolex is an extremely desirable object, a piece of unique craftsmanship and immensely valuable, not only economically but also artistically. In this exceptional video, you…

Discover The Beautiful Japanese Sunrise Dovetail Joint!

Techniques that allow the attachment of constructions made of wood without nails? This is not a recent discovery, it is actually a Japanese technique that allows you to fit two wooden pieces together…

Watch The Fascinating Creation Of A ... Rose Made Of Steel!

Can a metal such as steel be able to express the delicacy and beauty of a flower such as the rose? If it is created by expert hands, then the answer is a resounding, yes! In fact, in this video, this…

Discover A Fascinating Skill --- Woodturning! Awesome!

If you were to find one of these wooden bowls at a local street market you probably would not attribute much value to it! Nevertheless, behind the construction of this wooden bowl lies a truly remarkable…

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