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Ten Household Hacks That Make Life Easier And Cleaner!

It seems like you never stop cleaning, especially if you have small children or pets at home! Stains, dirt, dust, everything seems to always conspire against a perfectly clean home environment.  Therefore,…

Captivating Slow-motion Images Of Free-falling Water Balloons!

We all engaged in water balloon fights when we were kids! However, in this video, we get another perspective on what happens to plastic when it is filled with a liquid such as water and dropped on a…

Discover The Yaybahar ... An Amazing Musical Instrument!

If even musical instrument experts have never heard of this instrument, it is because this instrument the Yaybahar was invented only recently. In fact,  it took the Turkish musician, Görkem Şen, six…

Take A Look At This Rare Musical Instrument! Magnificent!

At the Universal and International Exposition of Brussels in 1910, the object that we present in this video was one of the great wonders to see! What is it? It is called an "orchestrion" and was invented…

Expert Pilot Lands Plane In Extremely Windy Conditions! Bravo!

"..I'm always saying that an airline pilot gets his whole salary for one landing per month...this is the day I earned mine..." With these words, the pilot Artur Kielak introduces the video in which he…

Discover "Ebru" An Unknown Art That Is Trending Worldwide!

The art of painting on a water surface is called "Ebru" and it has ancient origins. There is no reliable information but it seems that it was born between the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries in Turkey,…

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