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Take A Look At This Water Vortex Fountain That Flows Continuously --- Forever!

Having a water fountain in your garden, even a small one, is something that certainly gives a touch of elegance to an outside environment and the water fountain that is shown in the video, in this sense,…

Bottle Flipping Like You Have NEVER Seen It Done Before!

On 06 December 2016, Professor Marshall forbade his pupils to play the bottle flip challenge game in class. This is a game where each player tries to flip a plastic bottle 360° and make it land perfectly…

Optical Illusion Or A Great Architectural Masterpiece!

This architectural achievement is called "Reading Between the Lines" and consists of a church that looks different depending on the viewer's the perspective. When looking at it from above it looks like…

Discover How To Make A Ziploc Omelette!

Start with a plastic Ziploc freezer bag that stores frozen food.  The Ziploc bag must be durable and hermetically sealed. Having said that, please understand that this recipe is as easy as child's play…

A Man Cuts His Hair To Donate It To Cancer Patients!

After losing his mother because of a tumor, this man named Kevin decided he would spend the rest of his life growing his hair to be able to donate it to those who make wigs for cancer patients.  This…

Discover Mesmerizing Vape Bubble Art!

There are several things that give a great deal of visual satisfaction in this video, and it is worth listing them all. First, the creation of the soap bubble itself, then the way the bubble floats downward…

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