A regular customer does not order anything for more than 10 days: the employees suspect something is wrong

Mark Bennett

November 27, 2022

A regular customer does not order anything for more than 10 days: the employees suspect something is wrong

There are some people in the world who love to try new things. On the other hand, there are those who stick rigidly to a set routine and avoid change as much as possible. For example, some do the same things at the same times, eat only certain foods and go to the same shops. This may seem boring to some, but a habituated life can have its benefits.

An example of this is the case we want to tell you about here. In this case, it was a 48-year-old man who benefited from his fixed routine. Here is his story:

via Daily Mail


Kirk Alexander is a man from Salem, Oregon, and was at the center of a traumatic story (that had a happy ending, however). A regular customer of Domino's pizzeria, Kirk used to order a meal from the place at least once a day, or every other day. Known by all the employees of the pizzeria and always very friendly, Kirk had become something of a fixture at the restaurant. Whenever his online order arrived, the restaurant employees would announce to everyone: "Ah, here's Kirk's order".

But when no order came from Kirk for two weeks, the restaurant employees decided to investigate. Sarah Fuller, the restaruant manager, said everyone found Kirk's sudden silence to be very strange.

Why didn't Kirk order anything anymore? Was he bored or was there something wrong? Nobody knew the answer and they decided to investigate. Sarah sent an employee, Tracey Hamblen, to Kirk's home to check that everything was ok. Once she arrived, Tracey noticed that something was wrong: the lights were on, the TV on, but there was no sign of Kirk.

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Very concerned, Tracey called emergency services and help arrived shortly after. And in fact, Kirk had fallen ill and needed immediate assistance. Tracey's action saved the life of the pizzeria's most loyal customer and demonstrates how fundamental empathy, respect and altruism are in our lives. If his sudden disappearance had been ignored, it would have been much worse for Kirk. Fortunately, he got help in the nick of time.

The restaurant's employees received a lot of praise for their concern, but they pointed out that they were just doing their job and hadn't done anything special. Humility like this is important in life and it warms the heart to see acts like this.

This is a story that we should all take note of. Looking the other way is anti-social, what we really need is more sharing and mutual aid and support. Do you agree?