Man goes on vacation and on his return,…
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Man goes on vacation and on his return, he gets a phone bill of €91,000 euros: he had used too much internet

September 10, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

When choosing to take a vacation, not only the beauty of the destination is considered, but also the cost. You do the math and only when you are sure you can afford it, you depart. Furthermore, depending on the place chosen, it is always good to think about telephone costs and not use a lot of internet, especially if the rates are different from the country of origin.

Nowadays, this seems like a strange thing to say: who can live without the smartphone and without an internet connection? Perhaps very few, but it is best to be careful not to exceed the limits granted by your telephone company - otherwise you could find yourself in the situation of the subject of this story: a young man who got a telephone bill of over €90,000 euros. Let's find out what happened:

Otavio is a young Irish man who went viral on the web after sharing his "bad" phone experience. After 7 days of holidaying around Europe, the young man returned to Ireland - where he lives and works - and found a nasty surprise waiting for him. Employed as a cleaner, Otavio received a message from his telephone company saying that he would have to pay a bill of €91,000 euros. This was a mind-boggling figure that the young man did not know how to explain.

Stunned, he immediately contacted the call center to ask for an explaination and was told that the figure had arisen due to the excessive consumption of data he used on the internet. Apparently, the young man had not realized that he had finished his allotment and had continued to use the internet without taking into account the additional costs. 

Unwilling and unable to pay due the bill, Otavio did his utmost to have the charges dropped. The operator was prepared to listen, first reducing the amount to be paid to €30,000 euros and then to just €91 euros. This was an acceptable figure for Otavio.

After making a formal complaint, Otavio escaped financial ruin. The operator, however, took the opportunity to remind customers that it is always good to carefully read the messages and notices that you receive to avoid any nasty surprises like what Otavio got.


Have you ever found yourself in a similar situation?

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