Husband does not have the money to buy a juicer: his wife causes a scene at the supermarket to get it

by Mark Bennett

October 03, 2022

Husband does not have the money to buy a juicer: his wife causes a scene at the supermarket to get it

Married life has its ups and downs, we all know this. There are people who manage to find the right balance, limiting arguments and misunderstandings as much as possible. Then there are those who insist on jumping on every little thing and making mountains out of molehills.

The two spouses, subjects of the story we are about to tell you about, know a little something about this. Two young people who, intent on shopping at the supermarket, found themselves involved in a heated argument about a "critical household" issue: whether or not to buy a juicer? Here is their story:

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In a video posted on Tik Tok by user, a young couple is seen in front of a shelf at a supermarket. The two, initially very calm, get upset quickly because they cannot agree on the purchase of an appliance. While she is very insistant that she wants a juicer which is on offer at an unbeatable price, he claims he can't get it right now due to a lack of funds and suggests they return later to buy the appliance. This, however, did not go down well with his partner.

The clips shows the throwing a fit and demanding the appliance immediately. The protestations of the man are useless, and he cannot convince her. Between her putting the juicer in the cart and him putting it back on the shelf, the argument gets more and more heated. "We just got married and you can't buy what I'm asking for?" shouts the woman loudly. "Find the  money in any way you can, but buy me this juicer now," she screams.

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This tirade went on for several minutes and the wife really blew a gasket. After the long argument and the man's attempt to convince her otherwise, the wife got the better of argument and got her wish for a new juicer.

Obviously the video went viral, garnering a very high number of views and comments. Many users have sided with the man and "reproached" the woman for her behavior. According to them, it was wrong for the woman to demand the purchase and to believe her husband has to satisfy her every wish.

What do you think of this woman's behavior?