Baby was born with 100 tumors and had…
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Baby was born with 100 tumors and had little chance of surviving: after 18 months, the tumors disappeared and her life was saved

September 10, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Having a baby is an indescribable emotion. Those who strongly desire it and decide to have children, want nothing more than to live a serene and happy life with their babies. They hope the child will be  healthy and will grow up strong and happy. In many instances this is the case, but there are also families who have to face a tortuous path before being able to reach happiness.

These spouses (the Youngs) know something about this: when their second child, Rachael, was born, they were faced with a terrible reality. The body of the little girl was riddled with tumors and the doctors did not have much hope. Here is Rachael's story:

via: Mirror

Katie and Simon Young live in Bedford and are the parents of two beautiful children: Henry and Rachael. Rachael's challanges started as soon as she was born. In fact, a few weeks after her birth, she had to start chemotherapy at a Cambridge hospital because she was born with childhood myofibratosis: a rare condition in which her tiny body was affected by 100 tumors. Every organ had been affected by the disease and, even if they were all benign, there was very little hope for little Rachael. Nonetheless, Rachael's mum and dad decided to embark on a long path of treatment.

"My pregnancy had been peaceful and unproblemmatic," said the mother. "I never encountered any problems and nothing suggested that something was wrong. Then when Rachael was born, the doctors told us that her condition was not great and the odds her surviving were low. Apparently, our child had a very rare disease and the doctors who took care of her had no cases to compare hers with and were unsure on how to proceed".

Dealing with the invasive treatments was not easy for the little girl and her body did not always react well. But after 18 months, what her mother called a miracle, happened. "The hospital staff could not find an explanation. All the tumors, small and large, had vanished and Rachael began to live normally without having any more problems," explained the woman. "Of course, every three months she has to undergo checks for verify that there are no relapses, but the situation seems to have now cleared up. It is a real miracle ".

Little Rachael fought hard, she showed great willpower and we hope that this fighting spirit will always accompany her. We wish her a wonderful life.


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