Abused by a bully for years, this boy…
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Abused by a bully for years, this boy decides to defend himself: the school suspends him for 5 days

August 12, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

School, as well as the family home, should be a safe place for a child to grow up in and learn without fear of expressing themselves. Unfortunately, as we all know, reality does not always work out this way.  Sometimes, a child will find themselves in a tough situation and is forced to act. A mother said she was pleasantly surprised when her son took action against a bully who had been bothering him for years, despite his actions costing him a 5-day suspension from school.

Violence should never a preferred solution to deal with problems, but when not even those in charge seem willing to help, one can be forced down this path. Allison Davis explained that her son Drew had been the victim of a bully at his school for years, but the school never really dealt with the situation: "For years the school has failed with Drew," said the embittered mom. She continued: "When this boy constantly threatened to beat Drew up, along with his friends, the school did nothing. When this boy followed Drew down the hallways threatening and teasing him, the school still did nothing, even though the whole incident was filmed on video". The school didn't even act when other kids explicitly told teachers and principal that Drew was being threatened by this bully.

The mother sent a long e-mail to the school - as Drew refused to speak to the school staff anymore - demanding a solution to this ugly affair. The school's response was to get the two boys to sign a contract stating that they would not come into contact with each. But this was hardly a practical solution and completely failed in its' intent.

Five days of OSS for beating up the kid that has been tormenting and bullying him since middle school. I know as a...

Pubblicato da Allison Davis su Lunedì 2 dicembre 2019

At this point, Allison also lost hope in getting help from Drew's school, but this is when the boy's "revenge" happened: "One day this bully threatened Drew on the bus, made fun of his father and then threatened Jackson, his 11-year-old brother ... It was at this point that Drew decided he would stop hoping for the school authorities to step in, and decided to do something about the bully himself. He punched bully three times, who screamed like a little girl. The next morning, the bully did not have the courage to even look Drew in the face".

Drew was able to solve the long-standing problem on his own, but the school still decided to punish him with a 5-day suspension. "I know that as a mother I should be mad at him for resorting to violence and getting suspended, but I'm not. Not one little bit," Allison said proudly.

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