Mom criticized for picking up her son…
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Mom criticized for picking up her son from school in "inappropriate" clothes

February 20, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Everyone should be free to behave as they want nowadays, expressing their personality and preferences even through their clothes, for example. The important thing is that the freedom of the individual never encroaches on the freedom of another individual: the line is always very fine, but it must be respected, with compromises and acceptance.

Vanessa Medina, is a mother whose story went viral on the internet, after being filmed without her knowledge by some parents at her son's school - just as she was accompanying her son to school. The video has provoked many users to heatedly discuss what they saw, and there was a torrent of disparaging remarks made towards the mother, who is "accused" by some of wearing clothes that are too skimpy, and therefore inappropriate for her to wear when picking up her son from school.

Vaessa Medina was heavily criticized by some parents from her son's class for coming to pick him up wearing skimpy, revealing clothes. One of the other mothers secretly caught her on film, and can be heard commenting aloud on the video: "People like that make me want to change my son's school - it's disgusting." Heavy words, to be sure, addressed to another mother who, at least according to them, committed the sin of dressing inappropriately.

Vanessa is a professional athlete, who works out every day, and was particularly disappointed by the reviews and negative commets. And who wouldn't be furious after having been filmed without their permission? Vanessa's response to the mother who posted the video was not long in coming: "Wanting to denigrate me, and expressing herself with so much contempt towards me was horrible - and she also revealed that I have a 4-year-old son without knowing that this is a crime".

Additionally, Vanessa added: "Her plans didn't go as she would have liked - she had the worst of intentions by uploading this video and showing me at the school and referring to me like this. I am a fit mom who works and cares for her son with all the love in the world".


Users who have seen the video are divided on the subject: there are those who defended the freedom of this mom to be able to dress in any way she feels. Then their are those who stressed how inappropriate they believe Vanessa's clothes were. The demonstrations of support towards Vanessa were not in the minority however, and she thanked everyone for the solidarity received.

What do you think? Should there be a dress code enforced in order to pick up your child from school?

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